Ravitej dairy (18male) causes for relapses & my rules for hit good streak

1)Women clothes when I see. Its weird but i do on advertising on youtube. Most time happens because of this shit. Very Important
2)when I am alone at home. Rarely
3)on flatline. Twice happened since i know about nofap.
4)when I read about sexual content . This is the main fucking reason. Most of times happened

I keep some rules in mind
1)privacy is not allowed when urge comes(keeping doors open)
2)raising dopamine levels
3)socializing more
4)cold showers I miss them. Water get warm until get awake :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:11.pm
5)not edging
6)avoiding girls interaction. fucking thier voice makes me relapse
7)no sex chats
8)urge is temporary so it will fade away
9)running its helps alot.
11)being alert on hours
12)not reading about sexual content. Very important.
13)saying yourself not today


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