Rankings of app users?

Forgive me if this is posted already somewhere, but is it possible to view a list of all the users and their current streak? Like an app-wide ranking list? I know you can see how many users are at each badge, it would be a pretty great feature to drill into those and see who’s on each list.

Thank you.


Like a hiscores list? Now that sounds cool, two lists both current and highest streaks, maybe bolster some competition between people to see who can last the highest streak, that’s an idea I can get behind :slight_smile:

Exactly. I know we all need our why, but seeing you guys with hundreds of days is extremely inspiring, and a little friendly competition wouldn’t hurt.

So I’m assuming it’s not part of the app, perhaps someday it will be.

It’s already requested, and I am looking into it :slight_smile:


Cool. Thanks for that, man.