🌙 RAMADAN CHALLENGE 2022 (entries closed)

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I’ve heard it many times but this line just hit me now. Especially the getting out of your comfort zone part.

It’s not the danger, it’s the safety of the comfort zone that kills.


Train your mindset everyday :fire::muscle:

When an elephant is captured, it’s feet are tied with metal chains to an anchor. The elephant tries its best to break them but fails. Then the metal chain is changed with a shorter one to limit the elephant’s movement. Soon, the will of the beast is broken.
When the elephant stops resisting and gives up, the mental chain is replaced with a weak rope. But the elephant does not try to break free. In the mind of the elephant, the rope is stronger. Elephant is mentally a prisoner.

Similarly, we nofappers think the urges are stronger and we are mentally prisoners. But the dependence on porn and masturbation is not physical, it’s psychological.

Lets change our mindset. Let’s break free from the mental shackles that limit our potential. Let’s move out of our comfort zone a little everyday. This fight is all mental. Let’s develop an unbreakable mindset and take back the control of our life.

Willpower is like a muscle. You have to develop it everyday. It’s not going to be strong initially but if you keep exercising, gradually it will start getting stronger and stronger. So the goal is, we have to just not relapse today and we have to make our today better than yesterday.


10 Days remaining till Ramadan…

Start leveling up guys. Start focusing on self control little by little everyday. Start improving focus in SALAT. Start reading or listening QURAN. Start EXERCISING. Start feeding your mind POSITIVITY!!! So when Ramadan arrives, we are ready. :fire::muscle:


All my Muslim brothers who haven’t joined, pls Join this challenge to make your Ramadan awesome.

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Name: Rownok
Sharing code: bulizq
Age: 25
CS: 1 day
HS: 6 days
Tip: Not an expert, but keeping myself busy seems to work


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I’m fed up with the life I’ve created for myself. I’m on a path of self destruction. Wasting away my potential. Right now, I’m at the worst shape of my life mentally and physically. Chaser effect, laziness, no selfbelief, binge watching series and movies, binge eating fast and junk food, I am destroying myself. I have porn and masturbation addiction. I have movies and series addiction. I have food addiction. I am an animal right now. And I hate myself.

We say sexual urges are animalistic desires. But have u ever found an animal who is a sex or masturbation addict? No. They do stuff according to their normal nature.It is we humans that go against our nature.

This social media and free entertainment has made us humans weak and worthless. Most importantly, all this hypersexuality and presentation of female as sex objects not only degrades women but has also made men slaves of their own desires.

If you have been following me then u know how I am in this chaser effect and how I post every other day that this time I’m quitting for sure. I’m not ashamed of posting again and again. But I’m ashamed in my own eyes for not being able to get out of this chaser effect.

So I’ve decided yet again.

This is it. I’m going to correct my ways. I’m going sober. I won’t PMO. And I won’t waste my time on movies, animes and series either. I obviously need fun in life but entertainment from screen is not the only way. So yes, I’m quitting screen entertainment too.
I will start running too to lose my weight from tomorrow. Tomorrow after Fajr Salat in masjid I will go running then I will read Quran and meditate. This is my first task. If I don’t post tomorrow that I’ve done these task then I’ll be ashamed of myself. I’m going to make myself into the most toughest man. I will survive through flatlines and withdrawals. And I will try to exercise everyday to strengthen my mentality. Pain will be my constant companion and discipline and persistence will be my targets.
In Sha Allah
I will post everyday with tasks fulfilled. I’m going to change. Let’s change together. Who is with me?


Starting again,
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Code: rarne1
Name : gokura
Age : 30 yr
CS : 1st day
HS : 150+


Walikumassalam @Gokura
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Check in Day 1

:x:Wake up at 4:40 am
:x:Namaz Fajr in masjid
:heavy_check_mark:Listen Quran
:heavy_check_mark:No Screen Entertainment
:heavy_check_mark:No Social Media
:heavy_check_mark:No Junk and Fast food
:x:Sleep before 11am


Name : Naaz
Sharing code : @wh4jw6
Current streak : 38
Highest streak : 55
My tip is to always focus on the feeling of relapsing rather than the fake short pleasure of it.
Count me in king.


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Excellent tip indeed

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Check in Day 2

:x:Wake up at 4:40 am
:x:Namaz Fajr in masjid
:heavy_check_mark:Listen Quran
:x:No Screen Entertainment
:heavy_check_mark:No Social Media
:x:No Junk and Fast food
:x:Sleep before 11am


Kindly count me :smile:
I am exciting to engage this challenge
Sharing code : lmbhdu
Current : 50 days

This period of time i have no tips for my journey
about zekr ( not commitment but I want to be )and Night prayer (taraweeh) I tried in Shaban month maybe (3 days , sleeping 8 am and wake 2 am to pray it but I am not commitment too) this is my first time that I start with Shaban …
About reading the meaning of Quran “tafsir”(this is was new for me too )
I want to be commitment and to schedule all of this …

I belong to this challenge

will be the flame :fire: for being commitment with this life style



stefansalvatore (Can’t share real name, just username)
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Best advise: Never skip Prayer


@NhTbH @stefansalvatore added u. Welcome aboard… Let’s make this Ramadan life changing. :innocent:


Ramadan is Fasting. It’s the biggest weapon against sexual desires. No food and no water, focusing on spirituality and self control… So @Pablo, It is the best and most effective way to do nofap so IT IS ABOUT NOFAP. That’s why I made this challenge for my Muslim fellows and that’s why they care and they are joining for nofap.

Bless you.


That’s what I said… We here for nofap too. And Ramadan i.e fasting is best way for nofap.

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Also, Ramadan is not paganism.

Pagan is derived from the Late Latin paganus, which was used at the end of the Roman Empire to name those who practiced a religion other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Early Christians often used the term to refer to non-Christians who worshiped multiple deities.

Islam practices monotheism and paganism practices polytheism. They are opposite. Ramadan is part of Islam and is far from paganism.