🌙 RAMADAN CHALLENGE 2022 (entries closed)

As the name suggests, this challenge will begin in Ramadan. The goal is to use this magnificent opportunity of Ramadan and achieve the streak and self-control we could not achieve before.

FASTING is the number 1 weapon against sexual urges. It is normally very difficult to fast continuously alone in your house to gain power over PMO but in Ramadan every Muslim fasts for 1 month!!! :star_struck:
Let’s use this once in an year opportunity to our advantage.

Those in chaser effect, be prepared to break free and have a 1 month super awesome streak :muscle:!!!.
Those already having a streak, be prepared to power up and be awesome even more :fire:!!!

To take part in this challenge, reply in this format

Name and sharing code
Current streak and Highest streak
Your best tip against PMO

Everyday check-in for accountability

This is highly recommended. Check in and update your progress regarding the following positive habits you need to build.

  1. Number of Salat offered in masjid and/or home ( with focus and understanding )
    Taraweeh offered yes or no ( Taraweeh is a test of your willpower. You need to strengthen it.)

  2. Quran read /listened with translation. Either by number of pages/Surah/ayaat or time spent

  3. Zikr and Tasbeeh with concentration on its meaning and love in heart
    Either by number of Tasbeeh or time spent

  4. Exercise
    Yes, this is very important for improving mood and decrease withdrawal symptoms if any. If it is difficult to exercise, let me tell u secret.
    Just exercise for 15 minutes right before Sehri or Aftari!!! It will be mentally and physically very easy.
    Or you can exercise in between Aftari and Sehri. Your choice, what’s feasible for you.

  5. Any other positive habit you wish to develop.

Important Advice
Fasting is difficult in normal days but not in Ramadan. You will be already fasting in this month. So why not have THE BEST QUALITY AND MOST PRODUCTIVE STREAK!!!

Just for this month, forget whether a task is difficult or not. Just do it!!!.

Avoid all triggers!. Protect you eyes!.
Imagine the super powerful motivation you will develop building all those positive habits!!!

Imagine how proud you will be at the end of the day when you would have offered all your salat on time, exercised self control and made your day productive!. :grinning::innocent:

Take part in this Ramadan Challenge and be prepared to go all out on building the foundation of your POSITIVE, PMO free and healthy lifelong habits.


Scoreboard Ramadan Challenge 2022

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:white_check_mark: 6. darkacademia
:white_check_mark: 7. Athman
:white_check_mark: 8. Bilal_M
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:white_check_mark: 20. Rahat71
:x: 15. sameernehal
:x: 1. NeverGiveup420
:x: 2. risinglion123


Count me in bro
Code : 8uwuwa

Name : Risinglion123
Age : 19
Tip : No opinions. Still finding
CS : 1 day
HS : 69 Days without PMO


Glad to add you :grinning:
Welcome aboard :innocent:


Assalamu alaikkum

Hello @NeverGiveup420 I’m a new member, i came across this app today only… hoping to make some changes to my life.
I would like to join this challenge as well,

Code: aycb54
Name : Ameen
Age : 23 yr
CS : 1st day
HS : 35 days.

Tips :

  • keeping overselves busy with our life goals, focus on self care , studies , good hobby, family time, time with good friends.

  • take responsibility of your life ( PMO - is escape from reality) so build courage to face reality and build your own happiness and peace in your reality.

*Working on spiritual aspect.

  • Good night sleep 7-8 hrs.

  • Maintenance of mental health (if u experience depression try to live in the present, should know with time everything changes nothing is permanent.) Take active steps to change. Solution varies differently according to ur problems.

  • Most important tip is to know its negative impact on your brain and overall lifestyle , so that u may get fear abt it

  • Protect your eye from forbidden, brain eats through eyes. Stop the supply make it starve and it dies slowly. To do so learn to regulate/overcome urges. I have mentioned some tips for this below

  • Don’t touch the private areas , don’t wear tight pants.

  • Take Cold showers

  • Incase of urges =

  1. change the location , go out for walk
  2. Hold breath for few minutes to divert mind to think about O2 deficit.
  3. Listen to Quran or specific surah which will trigger you emotionally.
  4. Drink water. Eat sweets may be.
  5. see motivational video.
  6. listen to Good vibe songs , or emotional songs.

These things i learned recently from journals and forums… I’ll apply these hereafter. And i hope it will help you too.

Never give , :+1:


Walikumassalam @mhd_ameen Welcome to the rewire companion forum.

Nice :joy::+1:
Best of Luck for the change you wanna be.
And wow, those tips are really useful!!! Thanks
Looking forward to an awesome Ramadan :innocent::smiley:

Name: NeverGiveup420
Sharing code: 0duzj7
Age: 25
Current Streak: Day 1 going on
Highest Streak: 101 Days
Tips: I’m copy pasting my old post about tips

:fire::fire::fire:5 COMPULSORY POINTS to AVOID a RELAPSE and achieve a LONG STREAK to FREEDOM :fire::fire::fire:

These are some points I have learned in my journey when I reached 101 days of no PMO

POINT 1. Learn to automatically divert your eyes away from triggers. Maybe you dont want to stop using youtube or watch a movie, Ok no problem. But you need to train your mind and eyes to not check out the opposite gender and only look at their face. By following this, you will get expert in dealing with popups and surprise triggers.

But If you are early in your noPMO journey then its better to avoid all triggers. Go on a dopamine fast (no dopamine and entertainment from screen). Just avoid visual and auditory i.e. ALL TRIGGER. Stay the hell away from screen, social media and movies (also series and animes). Don’t check out girls or opposite gender.

POINT 2. Stay busy to defeat physical urges. Don’t fight the urges, it will get powerful if we concentrate on it. Staying busy is the ultimate weapon to defeat horniness. Staying busy for a lifelong goal and dream is better. Follow a routine. Don’t divert from it.

POINT 3. Never fantasize. If a sexual thought comes, just focus on something else. It just takes 5 seconds to redirect to a new thought. Entertaining a thought will increase its power and make you more horny and create powerful urges. So focus on something else.

POINT 4. Don’t touch your privates ever. Don’t put your hands in the pants. NO Touching!!!

POINT 5. Remember your horrible feelings after EVERY. SINGLE. RELAPSE!!!. Remember all the time you wasted, all the opportunities you missed, all the life changing decisions you made wrong due to this addiction!. Think how awesome your life would be without PMO. Think how happy you will be when you become better and better everyday never stop improving. No porn will satisfy you. No masturbation will make you happy. PMO will not decrease your stress. It will not relax you. You don’t need PMO to feel good. You don’t want PMO anymore. YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTED BY PMO ANYMORE. YOU VIEW PMO AS DISGUSTING, HORRIBLE AND VOMIT PRODUCING. YOUR PAST IS PAST. NOW YOU ARE A NEW AND BETTER PERSON. AND YOU WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO THAT CRAP!!!.

After breaking from the conscious mental attraction of PMO, now just take a cold shower or put cold water on your privates (if you know for sure you won’t touch yourself). Then stay busy in your task. Or take a walk, socialize, eat or drink something and exercise.

Practice these 5 points. Make it a habit and you will NEVER relapse!!!

Congratulations, you just avoided and defused a relapse. You are getting better at this. SOON , YOU WILL ACHIEVE HIGHER STREAKS AND BREAK FREE !!!. MAN, YOU are SIMPLY AWESOME :fire::fire::fire:


Jazakallahu Khairan brother…
Those was very important tips you shared. I think if a person can maintain all these carefully, it is enough for him to break this chain.


I’m in bro.
Sharing code : mmhkn9
Current streak : 16 d
Highest streak : 48 d


Yes, Awesome idea just on time

Name & age: Ali, 25yrs

Sharing code : tpu6g7

Current streak : 39 d
Highest streak : 110 d

Tip: protect your sight, avoid peekng or staring at women, guard your eyes at all costs !!


Name: darkacademia
Cs:first day
HS:13 days

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@mhd_ameen Jazak Allah brother for the appreciation :innocent:
@mahmudulhasan @ali4th @darkacademia
Welcome aboard. :innocent: Let’s try our best.

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A very valuable advice indeed

Good one :+1: will follow it

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Abu Dawud 1551 Sahih

Dua for protection against urges, triggers and temptations. Do make a habit of reciting it after every salat. May Allah protect us all and help us quit this sinful habit. Ameen.


I’m in, add me.
Name: Athman
Cs: 48
Hs: 89 (without just fapping)
Age: 26
Tip: our fight is not against masturbation, thats what i found out after researching myself. Our real battle is against porn. It is the start of everything its hard to endup fapping without it. And it is initiated by urges if we want freedom from fapping we shouldnt just concentrate our weapons to masturbation instead to urges and porn, our battle should be cemented on these two. BECAUSE if you defeat those two you wont fap and if you fail to stop them then its very very hard to stop yourself from fapping.

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Added you bro. Welcome aboard.

Regarding your tip. You are right. For people like us whose bigger problem is porn, if we control this, then masturbation also comes under control. But there may be people whose bigger problem is fapping. It varies.

But one thing is common for everyone. If we are busy, we are safe. It’s right when we are bored and have nothing to do that the enemy attacks. An empty mind is devil’s workshop.

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Name : Bilal_M
Age : 19
HS : 82
CS : 3
Sharing code : d86h0g
Tip : Believe you can do it, stay disciplined on this path and have a positive mindset with a right attitude and you’ll succeed.

Make sure you don’t just count days, make the days count by developing and getting out of your comfort zone each day. Focus on your self and be compassionate towards others on this journey too :slight_smile:

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sami -
1 day and 21 days

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my sharing code d0uzsi

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