Ralph13's Diary - No FAP aand Muscle Gain Journey

Okay so i have decided something for myself to make a journey for myself in which i will not fap for 120 Days and do workout regularly… and share it here for the following reasons:

  1. I really want to know does nofap make more muscle on not
  2. I really want to change my shape
  3. I treid this challenge earlier but failed ( max 5 days of no fap ) maybe doing a daily log will help

PAST: A regular fapper from 13 yrs or 14 dont know exactly, not very athletic
So basically now i just joined some training class for some exam. i go there from 9 am to 11am and back home by 1 pm and i live alone ( hardest situation: alone at home and fast internet)
So my interaction with females is only at the coaching now.

DAY 0:
Today was my first day at training and well, there are 6 females and 5 males including me. Thats bad too becoz all 6 of them are hot or either cute. and one of the cute one even started chat with me… so after coming home i relapsed… Shit!! (well its not that i am cheap that seeing girl would make me fap… its just the daily habbit of not able to resist PMO)

But i am beginning this journey 120 days of Nofap and WORKOUT
Lets start By OUTH to MYSELF:

I am done with this!!
I want muscle and testosterone!!
Those girls are nice and cute, But just imagine Ralph what these 120 days will do to you and then reaction of those girls…
I need to be on HARD MODE…

I will also post my workouts and try to tell changes after 120 days…
My current measurements:
Chest: 105 cm
waist: 95 cm
Bicep: 37 cm

2-3 months of training experience that too at home NO gym NO supplement… mostly Bodyweigth exercise and DUMBBELLs!!

today was BACK day: ( i am still trying to increase my strength do laugh at workout)
PULLUPS 4 sets: 3,3,2,2 reps
Close grip pullups 4 sets: 3,3,2,2
DUMBBELL ROW single arm 14kg 4 sets: 13,13,13,13
CHIN UP 4 sets: 3,3,2,2
CLOSE GRIP CHIN UP 4 sets: 3,3,2,2

— END OF DAY 0 ----
So now i am on Nofap for 6+ hours and will get my first badge of journey tomorrow!!
Will post tomorrow


Good that you are starting this challenge my friend. I find that it takes a little while to get those benefits that would help with muscle gain. I say try to push for 3-4 weeks. I guarantee you if you’ve been fapping everyday that you’ll also see benefits in confidence from all the testosterone. Goodluck. :+1:



okay so 24 hours are complete successfully… i just managed it, had morning and afternoon WOOD… but somehow i resisted the tendency to PMO…
But its not that easy as becoz i dont really know what i would get from it but still i assume it will help me to gain muscle faster so just NO Excuses… 119 days more… i have to do this…
But yeah energy levels are better no doubt…
About confidence, acutally i dont really know, i mean i dont have much of confidence problem as i am not shy to talk… but i fell like there is a bit more mental awareness with NOFAP so it helps us to better analyse and react to situation. But i dont really know its just one day maybe i will be able differentiate Better in some days…
Now workout for today TRICEP
Also i would like to tell you that i am following a prisoner workout that i found in a Book on prison workouts.
So at end i will be telling the reuslt of PRISON WORKOUT + NO fap ( MAYBE this is secret of how prisoner get so swole )
EXERCISE = Sets x Reps
1.A DIPS = 10 x 12
1.B Decline PUSHUPS = 10 x 11
2.A BACK ARMS = 5 x 11

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Okay… so i actually screwed up… 5 day streak and i just felt the urge and it was really strong i cant resist it… But really done with this… I am sorry for not posting daily but i am really serious for this now…
Goals NOW:

  1. 180 days - NO FAP
  2. 180 days - Workout 6 days/week - Prison style

My Workout:

  1. CHEST DAYS - 500 reps for chest & 200 reps for triceps
  2. BACK DAYS - 250 pullups and 200 rep squats
  3. CHEST AND BACK - 50 pullups 150 pushups 100 dips 200 bicep curls
    repeat for next 3 days

I badly want to do this jouney… enough of being a pu**y…
Just one choice - Beast or Bi*ch…