Radio's diary: I ain't easy, but it's worth

I always wanted to learn a second language. So that’s what I’m trying to do, but it ain’t easy. I sometimes feel like I’m doing great then other times I feel like I’m learning nothing at all. It may take me longer than most to learn it, but I’ll keep at it

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Well…I think I hit a flatline. I just feel like I’m going nowhere and doing nothing right. I also have a dull feeling urge in the back of my mind. Even with all these negative feelings in my head, I still know that God is with me. He’ll never leave, or forsake me.


I have been so busy, it’s crazy! That may seem like a good thing, but it’s not. Because if you rely on being busy to stop relapses you’ll eventually have a break and when you do. Boom Relapse! I know I have been taking advantage of my business in this regard, but can’t do that because it’s not true freedom it’s just borrowed time.

I need to start reading my Bible in the morning and at night. So to strengthen my soul at all hours of the day