Rab's Diary - Second Run

Hello, I’m Rab [M21]
this should be my second serious try, I’m writing here again, So I’ll be commited to you all, to try harder.

My highest were 35, after that things got bad very fast,

The main reason I relapse is cause I give up alot and easily, a little pressure and I’m all depressed, stressed, so I want to beat this mode, this bad/sad sets.
When ever I feel like that I’ll do sport/call or meet a friend/ take my stuff and study else were, out .

Day 1 just started. Good luck :slight_smile:


Day 2 complete ,

Yesterday (day 1), wasn’t productive. So didn’t like to write about it,
It was, work 3 hours, meeting 2 hours, then beer, the rest wasted.

Today, 5 hours on streets way back home, 4 hours work, still prety bad day.

its 9:30 pm now I’ll try to do one lecture, so I can say I did one thing to make tomorrow better. Will update this post if I kept my word.

I didn’t do what I planed , did one hour of a lecture, better than nothing
Good luck next time