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In this modern age, We are learning to make the impossible things possible with hardwork, consistency, persistency, patience and with many more techniques and efforts.

But stop, many times we can never make impossible things possible instead of just accepting.

So don’t waste your time, accept and move on


But Impossible means i’m possible, I am possible

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Nicee but what i also believe is everything is possible but some tasks asks too much time and dedication to be completed which is too much for the person.

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I had been addicted to PMO since 12, now I am 29. If for that long I have been dedicated to PMO, then why can’t I change it to lifelong no PMO??

I am possible is the meaning created by us and impossible is also created by us

You are right brother, I know that We have to take everything in positive way like that you are explaining here.

the meaning of the Quote is that there are some circumstances when things becomes impossible and we have to accept.

For instance, if someone want to become the fast swimmer in the world, putting efforts, dedication, hardwork

but unfortunately he suffered a big accident, doctors have to cut his arms and legs, now it becomes impossible because he cannot be a fast swimmer by artificial arms and legs. He has to accept impossible.

another example is relationship…
You are loving her unconditionally but she is not ready to live with you now! What can you do? You cannot force her and if you would try to do that then it will end up again in frustration, depression.

You only have to accept

things that are beyond your control, you can nothing do instead of accepting or admitting

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Well not opposing but just my way of thinking. If he can swim then he can become the fastest but it will take him to do extreme things . He can do it but it would be like sacrificing many things for that.

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Accept Impossible as impossible, but only after giving your 100% atleast 5 times.


exactly @InfinitelyStrong


Agreed , But why 5 times. We wouldn’t have seen electric bulb if Edison gave up on his 6th time :wink:


The scientists never accepted the term impossible at the first place itself. Truly legends.


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