Quit fapping forever

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Abstaining for short time is a trap. Let’s forget fapping. Willpower is limited. When you do nofap for short term, Mind plans about fapping today, watching porn and breaking the streak thinking “No problem I’ll just fap today and start again”.
The idea of “I can start no fap again” is the cause of breaking streak. When you quit fapping forever then there’s no question of fapping, watching porn, pics. Finally one trick make a mental model that “I’m not the person who watches porn or faps” this will help you :wink:

I’m searching for companions who are ready to quit fapping forever. It’s hard let’s join and make it happen.


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Short term nofap is a joke. It’s a fancy way of defining a relapse. I am up for nofap forever bro. Let’s not for forget fapping, so that whenever we think about relapsing, we should be afraid of the consequences of fapping. Let’s do it!


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Im also planning to quit PMO forever… and i’m sure i’ll do it… Actually this is my longest streak interms of no pmo. Earlier i was in no mo for nearly 95 days…

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