Quicker recovery?

I have not viewed porn to provide pleasure to myself while mastrubating.I am on Day 6 without mastrubating now…(.I have had many smaller streaks previously)
My question is would I have a quicker recovery rate with regard to benefits,or in another way would I see the benefits coming sooner?

Hey there congrats on the streak!

The short answer you can not know… When the benefits will hit you.

One of the issues of recovery that the benefits are showing individually for everyone.
For some.they show after a week or after a month… Or even after 90 days wether you notice the benefits also depends on how your life in general is structured and how you deal with the urges etc…

In my personal experience I have felt the benefits of a clearer mind, calmness and higher motivation after 1 month upwards…

Also It is a huge success especit in the earlier days if you manage to cope with an urge and make a celebration out of it with a buddy or on your own… Helps me to stay on :slight_smile:
Did this help?


Thanks mate
You are encouraging me to do this.When I were 13 that was the last time I mastrubated(continously),I just gave up this habit in 1day and didn’t face any addiction problem.I had a huge leap in academics,was more focused ,determined, wanted to be top the class and had a huge vigour to do so,and I DID for all those 3 yrs…

4years later the loneliness created by covid allowed for this addiction to develop.Now I am struggling, life’s upside down…
But, certainly this app(joined on 4Nov) has certainly made my streak longer(I used to give up every 3rd day)and definetly ppl like you.Thanks a lot!!


Keep up the good work and be kind to urself we can do this! The ppl in this community are quite nice indeed.


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