Questions about this app

I’m still relatively new here, so I thought it would be easier to ask a few questions.

-Is it safe to pay in this app. (donate)
-What does it mean? Your purchase has already been linked to the Rewire Companion user
-Thanks to the donate in this app, I can write unlimited logs/diaries. What are these good for and who sees them?

This app serves as a blog and it is seen through google , you can also donate to charity

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O I see. So it is totally safe?

I need help about the other questions too

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The app is safe. You want to donate?

I have donated once.

You have already donated once , So you have unlocked premium features like No ads, unlimited journals etc. These are linked with your account.
Though , You can further donate too.

Only you can see them , You can write your feelings for your future self.

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Ooh I get it now. Thank you!

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