Questions About Dopamine and Prefrontal Cortex

I have several questions related to dopamine and Prefrontal Cortex and the addiction itself

  1. What is the form of a dopamine? Is it a fluid or something else because I have ever watched a video that says a porn addict always have his prefrontal cortex flooded with dopamine that it gets smaller overtime and lose much of it’s ability
  2. On what day the effect of no fap could give visible effect?
  3. What happened to the prefrontal cortex of a permanent porn addict?
  4. Can prefrontal cortex heals back after NoFap since that part does not get flooded by dopamine anymore?

I do not have all of the answers you’re looking for but from what i understand much of the damage caused by pmo (pornography) can be reversed. I know for a fact the prefrontal cortex does start growing again as an addict recovers. This is true with most addictions from what I’ve read. But, I’ve also read that there is permanent damage that cannot be reversed which is scary. Most of it can be reversed, but some damage is irreversible. Some dopamine receptors just cannot grow back, but it’s like any cell right? Cut your skin and you will have a scar for life. But it will heal for the most part. I think the brain is a lot more “plastic” or maliable than our skin so it can adapt and even heal itself better. Anyways that’s about all I understand. Interesting questions, I’ve also questioned these things.


Thanks for answering my questions, now things became clear

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No problem glad I could be of some help. :blush:

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  1. I think it must be liquid, as with most hormones. When they say your brain is flooded with dopamine, I don’t think its literal. It’s molecular movement at best. The molecule of dopamine causes some chemical reaction and produces some signals. I don’t think this is important regarding your PMO.
    I have a doubt about the prefrontal cortex being flooded with dopamine tho. There’s some part of brain for feeling pleasure, some other part for pain and so on. Prefrontal cortex isn’t one of them. It is associated with your willpower. More active it gets, stronger is your willpower.
  2. Depends person to person. However for any visible effect I think 3-4 days are sufficient. For some it may extend to 5-6 days
  3. There’s nothing called permanent PMO addict. The brain can always be rewired. In these cases of high addiction tho, the prefrontal cortex becomes less active when the stimulus (porn) is provided to you. Thus the willpower is very weak in case of an addict. With certain activities which would make more use of your PFC, it can become more active again. That is - mental practice
  4. Yes PFC gets back and it becomes more active. Willpower is like a muscle, more you use it stronger it becomes.

I’m open to corrections


Thank you for the explanation, very clear