Questioning why I started this and wanting to stop after crossing 90

I am on my 80th day.
Pre no fap- I have been with lots of girls and I used to talk with lots of girls and I had a girlfriend.
During nofap- stopped talking with all the girls, broke up with a girl I loved so much, she emotionally blackmailed so, in general I would have stayed but nofap gave me clear head and for once I could decide whats the right thing to do instead of thinking with a foggy brain. I stopped talking with girls because I guess I realized none of the girls were positive impact on my life and they were not necessary, also in a year or so, my parents are gonna plan for an arranged marriage for me and for the past decade, it was that girl or this girl, so I thought without them, preparing my head around marriage would be easier, and also that way, I can get out of all the past and may be find a way to give a new and improved version of myself to my future wife.
Now - so i started watching this tv series, it has a lot of sex, I am not trying to get horny by it, usually I skip but then I started to forget why I even started this nofap… And it feels like fun is the new normal… And on top, I have none to talk with, no friends to share with, no girls to flirt with, plus issues at home, covid, and I feel like, probably masturbation could be the only fun thing… I always wanted to do nofap for so so long but now I am like, should I stop after 90days or now itself?

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I think you should only stop watching porn and masturbate on your own hand. Having sex is normal thing. Continue with no porn and no masturbation. Talk and meet women.