Question to People on Higher Streaks about Mental Clarity

So I’m on my day 28 and I’ve noticed a lot of benefits, but there’s one that’s off and on. My mental clarity. Some days I’ll feel mentally clear and able to think 100% without any problems. Other days I’ll wake up and it feels like I have a headache and can’t think/concentrate as well. I know it could be caused by daily stress so idk if this is a symptom of the pmo use or just how my brain reacts to daily stressors.

My question is is this only me or does it happen to others? This on and off mental clarity I mean. And if it does happen to others does it ever just become 100% mental clarity everyday?

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What you’re going through is common, brother. And yes, it goes away on higher streaks, thank GOD. My mind is far sharper now than it’s ever been, and many people report experiencing the same in their success stories. There are some people whose sole reason for embarking on this journey is to get rid of the brain fog and experience clear thinking.


I’m not on a long streak now but I was in the past. Yes, it gets better after a while. Don’t worry, many guys experienced what you experience now.

But sometimes the changes can be so subtle and gradual that you won’t notice them much for weeks and months. But the changes are happening.


Several other healthy lifestyle factors, like good sleep, diet, workout etc., does weigh in in the benefits. Most importantly sleep. If you’re skipping those healthy lifestyle factors, you can’t expect to yield the most out of nofap…

And yeah it’s a two days old post, I believe you’ve reached 30 days, congratulations buddy.


@krishvamsi30 @Forerunner @Luke thanks for all your answers. I probably could better my habits. Sleeps been a tough thing for me lately. And yes @krishvamsi30 I reach day 30 here in about 5 minutes. Thanks brother for your congratulations. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have noticed one thing. When I am thinking about my project - focus, clarity, vision and all are there . But whenever I think of sexual thoughts and desires , I tend to get very cautious and I am always overthinking about nofap, will I be able to handle it , will I be relapsing tonight, things like that. And these things take me away from my productivity. I think it’s because I haven’t reached a higher streak yet.
Man here we go 30 days. Keep going man :+1: I am waiting for you , don’t let yourself slip this time.


@krishvamsi30 made a very good point - those healthy lifestyle factors are essential on this journey.

Congratulations on 30 days again - may it be the last time you pass this milestone :pray:t5:


@tuku @Forerunner thank you brothers. :handshake: Many thanks for your support aswell. May God bless you. 30 days is good but I’ve only just started :slight_smile: let’s go 7 more. Little steps with God’s help :pray:


So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s mostly my sleep. I’ve been having really bad sleep lately. My first cycle of sleep only lasts for 2 hrs then I can’t sleep anymore. Then when I finally get back to sleep I wake up feeling groggy and with a headache. Trying to fix it tho.

Btw its not my birthday not sure why it shows a piece of cake by my name lol. I must’ve set my birthday to today or something.