Question please answer I'm curious

Is it ok to watch porn and not mastibate

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Nope masturbating without porn is better than this and no PMO at all is the best




Let me ask you a better question. Will it be okay for you to take your clothes off in front of some stranger and pretend to enjoy it? The answer is no. And if it is yes then you have a mental problem and are in need of help.

Now… here you are afraid to take off your clothes in front of ONE stranger while those poor ladies are doing it in front of the whole world. Some do it out of poverty… Others do it because they are very misguided… Taking your clothes off for someone is a symbol of love and trust towards that person. But by showing it to the whole world they are devaluing their body. Wasting their beauty. And making themselves uncomfortable and sad at the same time. Ever smile they make is a frown. Every Laugh they make is a cry for help but nobody answers… Tell me why do you want to watch this without fapping? To take pleasure out of it? Because now that you understand their pain… If you still want to take pleasure out of it then that would be sadistic…

As for fapping without porn… You are lucky to have genitals in the first place… Several people are born without them. They don’t have the power to give life. You do! Wasting that power to give life is the same as supporting the act of giving death.

And by watching porn you numb yourself to whatever it is you are watching and you will end up wanting more and more… I read the story of a guy who kept doing it for years… Not trying to quit… He ended up looking at trans porn and gay porn… But then one day he quit. Just straight up quit.

It was super Easy because after fapping for so many years his dick and mind were made permanently limp. Nothing aroused him anymore and his dick simply would not go up. Only after that did he discover Nofap… So even now you and I are both lucky that we have found out about the idea of quitting… Because he never did… and his body and mind had to do for him what he couldn’t do himself…to quit…

Im not trying to scare you… But it IS scary. Anyone who doesn’t think it is…is a fool… But remember… The power it has comes from you… It is like a parasite…sucking away at your energy…

So when you CAN do the right thing then do it… for your mind, for your body, and for others as well…


it’s okay to masterbate,but don’t watch porn. M* is also bad for your health.


p*n is meaningless.

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Never, it’s a trap. We think we won’t relapse but if we watch porn we are going to relapse at the end. Don’t watch porn.


[P = porn]
[M = masturbation]
[O = orgasm]

PMO = Super bad. The worst thing in the world
MO = Meh. Some people do it (they only abstain ⠀⠀from p*rn) but… It’s not the best.
P = Probably worse then MO (Nobody does this one)
M = Edging sucks. You are basically having a bath of
⠀⠀dopamine. Some say it’s ok if you are only doing
⠀⠀semen retention but… Don’t.
PM = M but worse

[The worse thing between these is PM and after some minutes PMO]

Also I totally agree with @Lastminuteman


If you want to experience purity and benifits No PMO is the only option. Its simple as that


:disappointed: wow I never thought of it in that way


@Lastminuteman I’m in this stage my brain has gotten so damaged I end up looking for “exotic” stuff. I still get off from it though but I do feel the numbness of which you speak. Looking back and just doing some self analysis I can seriously say porn is a cancer it just spreads and continuously gets worse. My younger self would honestly be disgusted by the stuff I ended up watching but that’s why I’m here, to heal alongside everyone.

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Don’t ever lose track of that goal. No matter how many people try to convince you to… just don’t give in. Those people could come from the most unlikely of places… Your friends…people on this forum… and even your own self… If you learn to ignore them then you will be one step closer to being cured…

Remember…its not the number of days that count. Its the number of realizations you make. Use that mind of yours. That too is a gift… and I imagine it will help you just as much as it helped me. If you let it rust then it will do the exact opposite…

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If you think long enough and deep enough you will know everything. Don’t let your thoughts be shallow. Especially not for something as important as this.

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