Question on the range of No Fap

I m going to quit watching porn and doing masterbation.

Should I also quit sex for complete “No Fap”?


Why are you quiting ?

This question is much more important…

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Fap means to shake.
With real sex, we are not shaking… its a natural process.

But if you are going for complete HARDCORE mode of NoFap. Then sex is also not included in it.

This video differentiates between sex in Porn and sex in real life. :point_down:

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It completely depends on u
If u go in celibacy and still seek relationship there will be a void of not getting physical need if u haven’t experienced it till now
If u have then just having sex can be addicting too


I’d do hard mode for 30 days and then if you want to have sex with real women go ahead. But no prostitutes, you have to make the women want to have sex with you through builing a relationship.


Our whole existance shakes during an Orgasm…

Whether you fap or Do Sex… you have to shake it. :laughing:

This is Gold… i would say Diamond comment.

1000 likes for you bro.

The boy who is not with a women and has no experience of sex… will always feel for it.

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The reason is, I think that I have been addicted to it(masterbate at least 3 times a day), and have lost energies for active life (such as doing what shoud I do on time, developing myself)

So my rule of “No Fap” is to do not feel in vain : don,t watch porn, masterbate by any means, and have a sex with props (I want to have a sex only with whom I want to build a good relationship)

And while I’ve been thinking like the above, I’ve wondered having sex with lovers also have to be banned for complete fap “No Fap”, so raised this question.

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Thanks for the video and your opinion, it was good to refer

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Thank you for your opinion. I agree to “just having sex can be addiction”

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I agree. I’ll do it only with whom I love

So you say, you’re never going to have sex in your life?

When i used to fap , i used my “hands” to shake.
People shake their organs with hands to give birth to their children?

The orgasm with fapping is all about PMO.
The orgasm with real sex is only the real O.
This is the difference which we have to follow when we are on no"fap"

Obviously our parents reached to that orgasm to give birth to us. Our existence is because of that orgasm.

So you say, you’re never going to have sex in your life?

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No, my dear friend…
I shaked my penis inside my women… to produce a child.

Yes… i am ready to give up sex… because it is loss of my precious energy.
The Energy which i wanna Raise.
It requires a hugh amount of Energy to get enlightenment.

My Final Goal is Enlightenment.

Its easy choice.
Thats why
I have written on my profile page…

Nothing to Lose… Everything to Gain.

Leaving Shit behind to Get Real Fruits of Life.

My Best wishes with you.
Most Dangerous is porn & fap addiction.

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I don’t think you should give it up completely tho like why not have occasional sex with your spouse, plus one of the reasons no fap was made was so that people would enjoy sex more. :thinking:

I had sex addiction before…

I find it useless.

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After 1 year of my marriage…
I felt like a Frog who escaped the well of fapping … only to fall in another … well of sex.

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You are not getting my point brother.

Here i mean by shake is that what we do when we masturbate. Up down…up down the foreskin. This is not the natural process which was meant to be done

With real sex. We penetrate. In out. In out. This is the natural process. This is the process. That is why the penis and vagina has that shape.

And we are following NoFap
Not NoSex

It is your discussion to quit even sex. Because you got into that addiction. And i believe this sex addiction was caused because of PMO (SEE THE VIDEO I PUT UP. THE VIDEO CONTAINS THIS TOPIC ONLY)

I’m here on NoFap so that i can leave this “FAP” addiction so that i can enjoy natural sex later in my life. (See the video to understand why I’m saying this)

This is soo good. Awesome !! Keep following it. It surely will give you the fruits that you desire.

We haven’t had sex even once in our life time broh😅 we want to enjoy sex. The real sex. Not the PMO linked sex (check video). By leaving this P world and Fapping world so that we can enjoy Healthy Sex.

It is like you have ate the fruit from the tree and you have ate so much of it that you now don’t like that fruit. So you are not allowing even others to taste the fruit because it tasted bad for you after you yourself consumed it a lot.

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You are married?
Whats ur age btw