Question on ED while nofap (different)

So I had ED i would say i beated it bc it was more PIED and a mind thing not physically. Now here my question: Is there a time where you don’t get erected by porn ? So it makes sense when you abstain from PMO that ur sensitivity rises. Now sometimes bc I’m in a anime group in what’s app and it’s sometimes Lewd so they post hentai in it. I instantly delete such messages and don’t look at them perhaps if I look at them (not intentionaly) I just feel nothing. Like i get a bit scared is that normal ? I think something like that could break my streak bc of insecurity. Scared that i don’t get a boner anymore then I would want to test it. But just- is it normal ? I’m on day 14. Or is it because it’s to much then ? Like a overload of sexual arousment ? Or is because Im looking at it and actually I’m not in the mood ? Or do I have to wait (what i won’t do bc it’s bad) What’s wrong there actually.

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I wanted to add- that when I see porn now It disgusts me and I won’t look at it ever again. If I ever fail then i go for hentai. Hentai don’t disgusts me as much as porn bc it’s drawed and not real but still ofc I get a big like. haughty feeling that that’s just Humiliating.

Don’t test your self, and yes many feel they want to test their selves ,but this usually lead to relapse, it’s just your mind playing game , trying to trick you.

Don’t worry about it , you will be fine

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Hi, don’t worry, It’s tottaly normal! If you quit pmo after years of masturbating your body will have to accustome several changes. That’s happening because you’re setting new habits and consequently your brain is madurating. When someone has an erection his brain orders to circulate blood on the genital through body conductors. As time passes the capacity of circulating blood is lower (when you are old) or sometimes there are ‘physical’ urological problems( so it doesn’t depends of leaving porn or sth). In any case every person should attend to an expert even if they are ok.
If you really keep away of pmo or anything that leads you to relapse you’ll see a great difference. From my perspective it’s better to leave some social groups if they ruin your life goals. Keep calm and follow the path of love and peace.

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