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Hi guys , I just wanted to ask a question. Have any of you ever experienced apathy in your nopmo streak? Like I used to be a guy who gives love to others freely but now I don’t want to give others love freely but I frquestly think people are spineless losers. Has that happened to anyone? :thinking:


It’s called pride and pride mostly leads to a downfall believe me, espaicaly if you don’t have anything to be proud of in the first place.

The apathy part happens a lot of times mostly when I just keep counting the days and not doing any productive stuff, it is a form of hypocrecy if you would ask me. Having a PMO streak means not only counting the days but it’s about really changing yourself from the inside and the outside, many people fall just because they keep counting the days thinking that the streak is all that importent…but it’s not.

Do this NoFap thing to be the better you and stay away from pride, it will give you that sense of satisfaction eventually.


Thinking that others are loser only brings ourselves down. Instead work on yourself and be best version of your self . Start respecting everyone irrespective of their ability.
Nofap definately gives you the potential for being best version of yourself.


You put it as it was JEDI codex :D, but I fully agree.

well, are these people friends or all people. Maybe you are just surounded by people who hav bad impact on you and you are starting to see a bit of light out there.

But this does not change that you should not put other people below you, just live your life and basically dont care. Everyone have different mindset and you will not understad all people nor you should. You should know what is good for you and cherris people who are support you and do not care about people who dont want good for you and get rid of them as they see that you are changing and they dont like it, coz they know that they should change too, but are not willing to put effort there.

spineless people are everywhere, you just need to, basically, ignore them as it is doing no good for you.


Possibly due to high amounts of testosterone suddenly present in your body. Should get back to normal with time.

For me, high testosterone means more aggression, energy and musculature, but unlike for you, also more empathy with others since I practice mindfulness on my nofap streaks and I highly suggest you do the same to resolve this.

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It has happened to me but it happened for a reason…people around me cried their problems loud but they really really didn’t do anything about it even if u acquaint them with someone having experience about their problem they still do nothing and act like this world is cruel to them and nobody help them but the reality is they dont appreciate the help all they want is sympathy.
…but with time i learnt that no matter how anyone is u should not change because when i became like idgaf about ur prblm becoz i know u not gonna do anything of my advice or experience i made myself a stone and honestly in that period of time i never liked myself but the moment i turned the way i was i again feel light and happy now…except now i just listen to their shit quietly…the only difference is previous me used to hear their problem to brag about my experience or advice now i just listen and calm them down and ask them what they gonna do next…


Thank you guys for the time you took for the input, I feel relieved that I’m not alone. I’ll see what I can do about this :blush:

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