Question for the long streak holders

I am wondering right now I am on day 10, everywhere I go if I see a hot girl I am like oh damn, and I have to remind myself they are humans and they are somebody’s daughter and or wife or mom. I think this is caused because I am going thru withdrawal and my brain is craving dopamine, but does it ever get to the point that you don’t have to struggle with that? Cause I have a girlfriend and I feel guilty everytime I look at someone like that, and I don’t know how I can go on with a struggle like this indefinitely.


Yes, it will get easier. The actual timeline depends on the person and the level of addiction.


It’s natural to think girls are hot. Don’t fret about it. In time it passes. It’s good that you regonize them as human beings and not a sex toy.


I can confirm it gets better. But you also have to remind yourself that you don’t want to see them sex objects and that you have the best girl at home