Question about the progress feelings

Does it get any easier along the way? I’m at day 11 and I’m wondering, what can I expect. How does it feel after 6 months? Do you still get the urges, or are you accustomed to not watching and faping?

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I havent reached 6 months yet but im half way down there. Its been more than 3 months for me, so i can answer your questions as per what i know.

  1. No the urges havent stopped yet and neither will it stop. As the urges come for procreation, not to watch porn and masturbate. Its our way of getting rid of the urges.
  2. I had to make sure that im not watching porn again, coz it is the reason for my relapse. I still get the urges to watch porn, but i have developed some ways to avoid it.
    When i was around 70 days in this journey, i couldn’t control the urges and i watched porn, that day i was about to relapse but something stopped me. I did meditation afterwards immediately. That’s how i overcame urges that day.
    I hope i have answered some of your questions.
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Of course it does. You will experience so many benefits in this journey, that you will hesitate to relapse again. Your will power will become stronger, focus will increase and many more things will happen.
I hope you know about flatline, if you dont please read about it, try to know every fact about this journey so that when you reach higher streaks at least you understand what is happening with you.

hey there,

there is abook that has this information and a great support system for how to quit PMO in an easy way:
it is called the easy peasy way you cna also lsiten to it here it helped me a lot.
my longest streak was 84 days so i can give you only some partial experiencess:

the urges strength depends on what triggers the urges : if you are triggerd by talk/advertisement etc… you jsut need to leave that stuff ASAP and it will get easier to leave that stuff if you remember :
“one peek is already to much and never enough”

if you are trigered by stress/boredom etc… you need to find a behaviour as an alternative and if that alternative is established it will be quite easy to keep the streak going except for situations that yoiu ahve not goten used to your new behaviour yet or general stress/curiosity etc… those will always be dangeroues
so i short hwo strong the rges will stay with you deoends on how you practices dealing withthem if you jsut go about " i will not watch porn anymore basta" without trying new supporting behaviours that sitsfy your needs i guarantee you horrible urges and a relpase in the future. you have got to make it the easy choice to quit porn :slight_smile:

besdt regards and keep up the good fight!

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