Question about posts on a topic could the Devs/ those experienced with the app please answer?

Just wanted to know how to make a post editable publicly so that others can edit a post I published
This will help me as well as future topic starters


It’s called a wiki, you cannot make a wiki till you’re trust level 3. For that you need to spend time in the forum. Till then I can do it for you.

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Thanks a lot @Taher
It’s in my other forum topic:
Also could I please know what trust level I am on? I’m guessing two
How can I reach a higher level?

Your trust level is 2. You can read more about trust levels here. Also, can you link the specific post you want to be made into a wiki. You’ve linked the main topic as of now, which cannot be made in a wiki.

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Thank a lot for taking the time !

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