Question about noFap recovery

I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible.
Two days back on NoFap I was super motivated, had energy and was super productive.
Yesterday on NoFap I was less productive and had less urge to do great things.
Today I have slight brain fog and no real motivation.
All this was without any relapse.
Is this part of the recovery? Part of the flatline?
Should I rest today? Has anyone experienced this before? When? What did you do?


I don’t completely understand flatline so I hope someone else explains that.
What you are experiencing, I think I can relate.
PMO releases ALL KINDS of chemicals into the brain. That’s what the feel good high is from. That’s what makes it addictive.

These symptoms you described sound like withdrawals. Your brain is so accustomed to high levels of dopamine and other chemicals that a normal, no PMO level feels week or empty.

Yes, this is part of recovery. That’s why it’s called Rewire. Your mind needs to be rewired to how it should be without all these excessive chemicals.
This feeling comes and goes, sometimes worse than others.

Should you rest? Personally I think you should push through it. Don’t overwhelm yourself working extra hard, but keep going.

Hope that helps, best of luck on your rewire journey!


Oh ok Thanks!
I think it might also be a little study burnout for me personally :slight_smile:
Pushing through it is! Yes, I will ensure I rest however.
Thanks for the advice