Question About Flatline , HELP ME FAST PLEASE

I have 2 questions

1: what is flatline and how it is , how much it takes to pass

2: i heard on flat line your dick might stop working , is it true ? Please tell me about it

Hey man, dick it never stop working :smirk: if your brain doesn’t have no sex temptation, dick can stay flat for long time, it’s true in the morning it raise, but that is a sign of health. Don’t take it for a fact what I said, is just an opinion.


In the flatline you just get bad urges you feel tired and your dick shrinks for awhile don’t fall for it usually lasts 3 days max but you’ll feel great when it’s over :smirk:

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Also when flat line comes depends on how much you used to watch porn
I get it around 2nd week but for some people it comes only after 3 weeks or even months