Question about Easy Peasy

How many chapters every day do you guys recommend I read?
I know it’s my choice, but I thought I would ask
I have been reading 1 chapter a day, some days ill read 2 to 3 chapters, just now I had read chapter 21.

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I was curious and read it as fast as I could. At that point it helped me to make great realizations about myself and I was able to reach a 90+ streak. I don’t think you should limit yourself in that manner.


I am with @duran!

Maybe an additional perspective:
It is not about how fast you read the book but what you do with the tasks/incentives given and how you process the information for the greatest benefit!
If it was a easy chapter and you have already reelected on the things mentioned before and do not think you need to take notes or summarise it go for another!

I personally read it once throughout a couple of days for the info. Now when urges hit i try to read a bit in a chapter to keep my focus and remeber the content/perspective.

Best wishes!


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