Question about Blueballs

I want to ask Something. I am having much pain in scortum area. Whenever I feel erections( in morning while sleeping) after that I am having very much aching in the area. I can’t sleep sometime after this. My sleep is getting disturbed which is very important to me. Is it kind of blueballs? I heard this term. What is it? How should I control this? Because I can’t put my efforts in a day because my sleep is getting disturbed since 2 days.Please help anyone having this knowledge.

I’ve had a similar problem before. It’s almost like discomfort to the point of mild pain. Doesn’t hurt toooo bad, but it just DOESN’T STOP! (So it seems)

So, here’s what I’ve read and learned about it. Heads up, no filter.

Testicles are constantly producing sperm. How fast they produce depends on demand. If you are sexually aroused and/or orgasm often then they produce quickly to ‘keep the supply filled’. If you are aroused/orgasm rarely, your testicles produce sperm much slower.
The pain comes from when you quit. They are used to fast fast fast to keep up with an addict speed of being emptied. Basically, it’s like they overfill themselves with sperm.
Not quite the same thing as blue balls, if I understand correctly, but a similar concept.
Yes, it is a little painful. It takes a little while for them to slow down. How long depends on the person and how often it used to be. For me it was a few days.
Your body is designed to take care if itself. A reason for nocturnal ejaculation, sometimes called nightfall or a wet dream, is to empty your testicles when they are too full of sperm.

Be patient with the rewire process. Your body will get back to the pace it is supposed to and be comfortable.

My advice for sleeping: work! Work work work! Do all you can all day to stay busy. The exercise will be good for you, it will help keep you distracted from the pain, and it will make you more tired and able to sleep at night.

Hope that answers your question, best of luck on your journey to rewire!


bro stop wearing tight underwears and stop sitting on your balls for too long :roll_eyes: i had that year ago and there is nothing like blueballs, just watch where you sitting daily. and dont wear tight underwear keep it loose. good luck


Definitely not tight underwear, and I was standing/moving around all day for work, so it couldn’t be either of those problems.
Maybe that is what his pain is from :man_shrugging:
@Karan050 give us an update sometime on what works and how things are going!


Here is an actual advice - Massage.

Massage your ballsack tenderly and also the shaft area behind the balls. (the location of muladhara)

This will help to dissipate and harmonize the energy blockadges and help to redirect the flow of life force to the higher regions of your internal architecture.


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