Question about badges

Is there really 20 people above 400 days? Or is it fake accounts?

I think those accounts which remain inactive for very long (say 80 days) should be deleted automatically, for maintaining the authenticity of the information in badges section. @Taher
At least I do not like highly inactive people and I doubt their honesty.


But, it is showing just 6 people.

Only the accounts which were active in the past 7 days are taken into calculation


Just curious… Active means those who logged in or those who also participated in some way?

I think it is in terms of ‘last seen’ and ‘last post’. You can see these in the profiles of users.

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Hmm… So yeah I felt curious which one of those two - whether it works basis ‘last seen,’ or basis ‘last post’. :thought_balloon:

Active means who launched the app.


Hmm… Cool. Thanks for clarifying