🧿♥️♠️Purity's Productivity Journal Vol.1♠️♥️

Starting Day -1

Brief summary - We all know we started watching porn at young age, but I’m happy to see, as we grew, we all have taken the decision to get out of this shithole and be pro versions of ourself. We all are good inside, we all know, we care, we love, and we are determined.

With the same motivation to leave, I’m starting this journal of mine.

It’s not I haven’t tried before to quit, but I have relapsed almost several times and you know, fuck it, it doesn’t matter. Because it’s all in your mind.

Now you will think what am I saying right?
So, for ex - one day you have a lot of urges, and u are ready to open your laptop and feed yourself that poop. And suddenly a man came with a knife saying if you watch that I will kill your crush, will you watch then? No, right. So it’s all in our minds. If we make a habit for our mind not even think of porn as a thing to do then it will be a lot easy. Simply saying you are not addicted, you have obsessive compulsive disorder, I also have this.

So, to treat that we need to change our routine.
Now for myself I have started this Journal, to show how you can get out of porn. I ain’t a expert, may be it will be alot harder but fuck it who cares Man, we want to achieve our goals, so thus no chance to relapse. And men stop eating poop (that videos) like I did for a long long time.

Now we all pray together, hand in hand, that “hey my lord, I surrender to you, take control of myself, I am your child, I love you”.

It doesn’t end it here, to your body, as we all have misused it for a lot of time, we request it and say " forgive me, I am sorry, I love you, I won’t do that again"

With this we start our day!!
Reply & message if any urge, we all are family! Or else you can check out others too. They are doing great work for a long time.


feeling no urges, 'cause I am angry about something. It’s not about motivation, it is about the mindset.
Remember my friends - motivation is like a fake friend who only stays in good times. Mindset is everything that we got.



Watch the above two videos, they will certainly be your fuel to be persistent my friends!:v:t2:


Day-3 just started, it’s 6 o’clock Morning.

Works to do today🔥
:arrow_right: Choosing which career to pursue, as college admissions are going to start.
:arrow_right: Applying for licence and some other cards as I turned 18.
:arrow_right: Selecting components to build my first ever pc.(not actually build just assembling)
:arrow_right: Exercise in the evening (plz suggest me some).
:arrow_right: Socialising and working on communication skills.
:arrow_right: Meditation and watching anime :v:t2:

Will share my progress🌟


Feelin’ a little bored, can someone suggest something good?

You can also ask anything :v:t2::innocent:

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Hello, how’s your day going?

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@vickyx I’m doing good now, had some urges, Little ones because I was bored. But then I just did some cleaning of the house and now I’m ready to go to park in some mins! :deciduous_tree:

Thanks for asking man. How are you doing?:fire:

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I’m doing absolutely fine. Onto day 7 and no urges till now. It’s important not to entertain even a single sexual thought for even a short time. If possible try not to think about girls altogether, it helps to reduce chances of urges greatly. Keep up :fire::fire::muscle:


Day- 4 ongoing.
Feeling a sense of bliss.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And for day 3 I did some of the works I said.
Watched anime, chosen the course I want to pursue and selected components to build pc.

I will improve.:100::v:t2:

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The urges are real😅

oh come on, this feeling is weird.:joy: I will pinch myself if the urge comes again…
not gonna loose man :pray:t2::fire:

Guys, I hope you all are doing well also!:v:t2:

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Day-5 early mornin’, I found I had a nightfall…:confused: is my progress gone? Should I write it from day one now? Pls tell me…:slightly_frowning_face:

I relapsed :sob: and the thing is nobody replied when I said I had urges…at least someone should have been there for me, at least someone should have replied…:slightly_frowning_face:

I will not ask for help ever again. Day-1 from tomorrow to the end of time, it’s my fight only.
The pains or urges, their extent can’t shatter my will.

I will become the best. Believe it.

who’s at fault when you relapse do you think?

@ dragged, yeah man my fault I accept it. But for initial days we need some support man. I relapsed 3 times in a row since my last message. I don’t want to demotivate anyone of you.

I’m ready again​:fire::lion: with the same motivation now. Whatever the case I won’t relapse. We are here to become the best versions of ourself and I get it now. So, beginning from the evening of this day, I move on this journey again till I reach my goal.:fire::100:

This time it will be fun.

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It’s evening, It’s been roughly one hour since my last relapse. Kind of thinking what should I do. I wasted a lot of time


So, I relapsed yesterday. But I am starting my recounting from today - “New Day, New beginning” as we say it.

Today’s Routine
:arrow_right: Filling a college application form.
:arrow_right: Studying for 2 hours.
:arrow_right: Watching Naruto.
:arrow_right: Exercising and Meditation.
:arrow_right: Reading holy book for one hour.
:arrow_right: Sharing my thoughts with you all.
:arrow_right:Cold shower and digital detox for some hours.
:arrow_right: Socialising.

I have taken part in hero association by @HealingSpade and 7 days challenge by @nofapstar123, so gotta give my updates there also.

My rewiring friends when I am overconfident-


Okay, breathe in, i relapsed but it doesn’t mean I did not do the efforts.

Calm down. New strategy.

Firstly I am going out to buy charger for my laptop.

Then I will fill one more college form

Then I will check the study material for entrace exams.

Then I will block my phone with help of my friend.

I will update each and everything from now on. No excuses.

The most elite nofaper.


Summary of today’s day-
Did buy laptop charger
Wasted time because my friend is lazy af in filling the college form and left me alone when his work was done. How can I consider him a friend …

The thing is realised today is that our mind is not our enemy, our mind is just a victim which needs our help. Our mind has suffered a lot at subconscious levels. It wants to heal even if it means forcing him to change, it wants to rest now and get out of this shit. It really wants to.

Our mind is our best friend, and we should help our friend even if we have to take strict actions.

How can we help our mind -
Meditation(morning, afternoon and in evening)
Good sleep at night(not sleeping in evening or afternoon, I can increase urges)
Dopamine receptor repair binaural beats.
Engaging in spirituality and helping others.

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I feel lazy today I don’t know why.

Gotta do some meditation in evening and hanging exercise if the weather will be okay. Want to go outside, meet people.

So, enough of laziness, let’s jump in to work.:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

Woke up early at 5:40…