PURE EVIL: Monster couple ‘sexually assaulted their daughter, 4, for child abuse videos'

No matter which category of porn we watch, we fuel these henious crimes. Just think about the categories such as schoolgirls, Barely legal, eXxxtra Small, etc. These kinds of categories are just euphemisms for child porn.

I feel extremely sick of me that I may have contributed unknowingly towards this crime by watching porn.


Very shocking indeed. This makes me hate porn even more.


Porn is ultimately evil. Satanic!!
And i am not even a Christian.


I have said this before there are demons and evil spirits behind porn industry, this is just horrible to even think about


It’s pure satanic crap why do you think every porn addict does not believe in God? Because it destroys the god in us and replaces it with evilness, anger, hate, guilt etc you name it


No no never, I will always try to remind myself of the terrible agony the little girl went through by her own parents and I WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING TO IT.


So true no good ever comes from it. Just money greed and poverty and abuse.

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I’m feeling no urge at all. I guess it is easier to relapse when it’s only affecting you. But it’s a whole different ball game for me when my actions unintentionally hurt a little girl.

Day 2