Publically Announced - Note Everyone

Now all the Hurdles have gone and Now I can freely continue to semen retention for 10 years until I marry or Permanently if i wouldn’t marry.

Note everyone - It is public announcement and Connect with me to notice my streaks

Day one today and I will never count days - Just will work on my vision

Now you will never see my counter at Zero😃

Let’s get Connected - Here is my Sharing Code


Are you ready Guyz?

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What if a wet dream happens?

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no issue…I didn’t watched porn since December 2021 and I got nightfalls but not wet dream.

If it would happen because it would not in my control so i don’t care

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So technically semen Rentention count gets to zero everytime nightfall happen right?

no @InfinitelyStrong bro…Nightfall is not in our control because we are not concious at that time…

just excess semen gets ejaculated through nightfall - there is no harm or loss and it doesn’t mean we have to count it from day one.

we can not control nightfall but can reduce it by controlling diet


@InfinitelyStrong According to me

Nightfall and Wet dream is different

Nightfall is result of excess semen in our body and we can never control it fully but can reduce it by changing our physical diet. Beyond our consciousness and it will get ejaculated automatically and you will realise the ejaculation in awaken situation.

Wet dreams are the result of our past mental feeding…i.e. we watched porn, and continues thinking about someone with whom we want to ejaculate and it get registered in our subconscious mind. These memories get stored in our mind and we see the same dreams doing sex with someone else and wet dream happens.

We can totally remove the wet dream by making our thinking clear and pure like not seeing fascinating picture and videos, no porn, no bad thinking in alone time, by doing meditation and feeding only positive information and knowledge. It is my personal experience and till now, i didn’t get wet dream but night falls happens sometimes and when i used to watch porn i get wet dreams a lot.

both ejaculations can never set our counter zero again


I totally agree @HitMo wet dreams are normal and part of every recovery journey. It’s not a relapse since it’s far beyond your consciousness control


Yeah okay bro. I thought semen Rentention is literally retaining the semen from every possible reason.

According to your explanation, how does it differ from nofap?


@InfinitelyStrong hahah LOL

these are just names…Nofap, Semen Retention, Sperm retention, No PMO…

the end Goal is not ejaculating or no wastage of vital energy :smiley:

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Yeah right bro. Not only it makes you physically weak, it ruins your confidence and mental peace too.

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