Proud of my self

On my own at home and not relapsing i hope i ll have always such courage


Bro what happened?? IM WATCHING YOU. There’s no time to play anymore. You married?

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No i am not married…

Yeah you can say i am ruining myself

You okay dude? You ready to do this or you need time?

This morning I was confused. I would just fap for any cue. So I set appblock. Its really helpful coz I just need something to keep me away from my phone. Even when the cue comes I am comfortable becos I cant access my phone. Esp I cant convince myself to not fapping.

Thats my situation. Maybe it would be helpful for you. Or read your situation and tackle it. Whenever youre ready. Im here

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Tomorrow will be a better day

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Theres no ruining. As long as God still let you breath, eat, sleep comfortably He is giving you chance. Just remember how many times we did this and He stilllet it pass. So Forgiving. Now He puts something to remind us this is wrong. Andwe have to overcome this to prove we are really leaving this.


Thnks dude your words are really helping

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What’ s youure religion

I’m also proud of you dude keep fighting the good fight, resist temptation, seek your strength in God your friends, family.