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Hi there. New member here aiming at1000+ days
I was wondering if anyone can answer a somewhat medical question related to masturbation.

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@Afifi What’s your question? I have some knowledge if I know the answer I will share it with you.

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Thanks man. I am currently having trouble getting it up. I’ve been having this issue for about 3 days now which is why I’ve decided to stop. But now I’m freaking out. Could something have happened to me because of masturbation? Also, my testicles seem to be smaller in size. I was in the habit of masturbating about twice a day for God knows how long. Can you help at all?

Are you referring to your erection?

If yes, this is absolutely normal on nofap. You are currently on flatline which means you will feel demotivated and depressed during this time period, it’s just a passing cloud it will get over soon, during this period you brain will heal you from those habits. I’m damn sure you feel yourself very much better once you pass this period. If you want to learn more about this check out this interesting article below.

Note: At the same time you need to be very careful most people will go back to PMO during this time to get relieved from this suffering, but don’t give up good days are coming and wish you the very best.

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Thanks a lot for your help brother. Does it make a difference if I told you that this happened before i stopped masturbating?

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Sorry brother I’m not sure about that

You need some delicious food to get an erection.
Food = Energy
Dick needs Power to stand up.

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Brother @Afifi, I doubt whether this is a sign of ED. It can easily be cured if you stop PMOing for 60+ days.
@TheFinalFrontier has experienced this, I think.
Bro, what do you say about this @TheFinalFrontier?

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@Afifi Do not go by the name of @EvilMorty . He is not that evil. In fact he is the opposite. He shared the exact link that would be relevant to you. It happened to me and probably is still happening. I don’t know. Some days I get uncontrollable erections, then for long days at stretch I do not even know if I have a dick. And I also have no emotions at all. Probably this is where I am. Empty. With no emotions at all. So wasn’t charismatic today. But I went out and socialized. I want to improve my people skills, essentially be more charismatic. I wsnot today. It is okay. I went out and pushed my limits. That’s important.

Why am I telling you this ? Stop caring about your dick so much man. I know it bothers you. It bothers me as well. But YOU ARE FLAT-FUCKING-LINING. And nothing can heal your dick more than time itself. I am going through the same more or less. So what should I do ?
Not focus on it. It’s my past mistakes which have given me this dead dick. Give it time to heal.

WORK ON YOUR SKILLS. I realize that personally I need to progress continuously in 4 areas of my life- Professional, Contribution, Fitness and Social charisma. Decide whiere you are lacking on focus on improving yourself one skill at a time. Your DEAD DICK will be back from the grave like UNDERTAKER. And you know about UNDERTAKER right ?
YES HIS STREAK NEVER ENDS. (Except that the real undertaker lost his eventually.) But do justice to YOUR LITTLE UNDERTAKER. DO NOT LET HIM LOSE HIS STREAK !!!
To Undertaker.

P.S. Am I getting too creative ? Yes, how ? Ever heard of NoFap ? :wink:

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Thanks brother I’m not Evil, I like that name it from the TV series Rick and Morty :wink:

And don’t worry man ED is curable it will be healed over time, you already knew what you need to do I’m no expert here :grin:

BTW I love that undertaker connection man, I laughed out so loud my parents woke up :rofl::rofl::rofl: