💰 Productivity Challenge 🏁

Yes It fine
although I am changing rules and making it more flexible, My Post Is in draft mode I will release it soon

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yes I too felt rules are way too strict and even impractical to some extent

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Yes It Is I am working it out now on mindjet manager, I just want to test it myself is it practical or not before I release V2

@weir, can we make music and videos for the study of religion or spirituality allowable in any of the modes? Otherwise, I can’t participate. Lmk, thanks.


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what’s that mean, I am totally reconfiguring this whole rules & 1st I am trying on myself before updating system because the last system is failed because it’s too strict or going in another direction

& one thing I am too productive now & my new system is working great for me, I am hell lot busy but I am also dedicated to this community I will update it soon

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“Lmk”= Let Me Know in texting.

Thank you!

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I’m in: Hardmode

Current Streak: 0 Days
Highest Streak:0 Days
Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - :de:

Played Clash Royal for 2 day… what a timewaste. Deleted it now.


Hi Weir this is a promising competition… let’s close on all the pending rules. Let’s know what your are stuck at …will provide our inputs. Also, we need more moderators don’t make it a one man show


Yes you are true we need more people
I am stuck at my new job mate
Nofap does wonder for me I am really happy but I will make our community you guys too successful along with me
This community is great


Sorry guyz I cant kept up my promise as I said but I am posting here rough Image as what’s going through my mind
Have look at these & keep your suggestions coming

Test 1


2nd demo

Guyz Keep your suggestions coming before I create my 3rd demo/draft


Hey @weir it looks good.
I still feel no music/TV/social media… This is too much
People should be allowed to do this once they r done with their Daily/weekly goals. I will serve as a reward

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SoftMode allowed all that except PMO but only after you have done Pomodoro sessions

but keep your suggestions coming , i can increase time of reward

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