Premature ejaculation?

Three days ago I had broken my streak of 42 days I fapped thrice on that day ,in every session I last less than 30 seconds is this a problem of premature ejaculation??


No doubt. It is…


Bro any cure of this PE…

drink shilajeet 1 drop with 1 teaspoon of ashwagandha in milk
First boil milk with ashvagandha
Then add shilajit
Keep it for while to get cool
And stay on ur nf journey dont relapse

Every relapse will make u unrecoverable damage


If you are unmarried then Semen Retention is the best cure. Semen Retention combined with kegal exercises, Zhandu’s Chyawanparash in morning and Do Yoga. There are some yogas that specificaly help you to last longer. ( I don’t know their specific names)

But if you are married, you can take Ashwagandha powder with milk in the evening and morning after light food. You can also take Himalaya Tentex fort tablet it strengthens your nerve. You can also take Chandraprabhawati tab. During summer you should avoid taking Shilajit…It increases heat and can cause heartburn and palpitations. But during winter, you can take Shilajit capsule (upto 1000 mg/ day) with milk ( best) or warm water. You should not take shilajit more than 3 months straight. And after doing this you can easily last longer and harder. But above all, Semen Retention is the best. Give your nerves the rest they need.


I said different ways for Un/married. Bcz Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Chandraprabhawati, Tentex fort are powerful aphrodisiac. If you are unmarried and on nofap journey these medications are are BIG NO. IT WILL ONLY COMPULSATE YOU TO FAPP MORE. But if you are married and involve in moderate sex…these drugs combo make you a wild beast.

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I’m unmarried bro and I will cure myself by semen retention, thanks for advices …

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Sessions in a row or on different times? Why should this be a problem when fapping xD?

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