Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction

Just while i was dealimg with urges
I noticed something
I wasnt hard yesterday down there
I was not horny
But still i badly wanted to mastrubate
So i asked myself why is that
Then i started asking myself
Is it because i have conditioned my brain too ejaculate without being hard
Than it doesnt matter whether im hard or not
I just need to ejaculate
Isnt this one of issues men have that when they are having sex they dont get hard …

Second things is regarding premature ejaculation
In my scenario
I would say
I had accustommed my brain to mastrubate within 5 mins max
So my brain somehow feels that what matters is the ejaculation and not the intimacy or other things because for years the focus was to ejaculate and the time it takes is reducing

What do u think about it ?
Before yesterday i mever even had a thought about this
But yesterday when i was preparing myself to relapse but i said no amd thats when this hit me…


Its related to your pmo habit. Many times we want to reach the climax so badly that we forget about the process, and this happens due to excessive pmo.
Keep your eyes over these habits and reduce the frequency.


I too have severe Premature Ejaculation issues, 5 mins is even very long for me…my record is 4…will simply refraining from PMO help…

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If i were you, i would never self diagnose myself with problems without actually testing it. See sexual performance varies depending on different circumstances. What you are saying right now and I’m assuming so, is that you have erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation when you are trying to masturbate to porn. But have you tested it while having sex?

Lemme tell you something, your sexual performance will even change depending on whom you are having sex with. Your brain adapts to the stimulus you continuously provide it with. If you masturbate to porn on a regular basis to a certain kind of porn consistently everyday, sooner or later, you will get used to it and get bored of it and will eventually lose interest in it and won’t be aroused at all. Thats when most of the addicts upgrade or change the kind of porn they watch. It’s concerning that most of us will shift to an aggravated form of porn which will involve violence or rougher sex to feel aroused again.

What i just explained, in economics it’s called the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns. You can look it up.

What I’m trying to say is that you might be facing these issues while masturbating but you don’t know if it’ll be the same while having sex. So don’t fixate on these things. And don’t conclude that you have these issues until a doctor confirms it

Got it brother
Thank you