Premature ejaculation and PMO

I just relapsed due to PMO.

I always use my bed to masterbate.

It lasted seconds. Am I permanently damaged?

I’m a virgin.

Women have never wanted me.

Will I be single forever because of this?

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Depends on your age and how long since you’ve been doing that.

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I am 32.

I started 2 years ago

No, you’re not permanently damaged.

Give yourself some break and start No fap hard mode. It’s reversable.

However, If you keep doing it, you might end up with many problems like desensitization, premature ejaculation etc.

Don’t do that one last time before starting noFap.

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when you relapsed it doesn’t mean that you will lose the benefits of nofap

you must change your view of the progress

for me, nofap is like a journey sometimes I fail to find the true way but I’m not going to lose the way again so I try and try and try

for some people, it takes years to become nofap so don’t lose hope

start again and never give up

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