Premature ejaculation and PMO of me

In my view, PMO causes premature ejaculation.

I am very sad right now because of experiencing this myself.

Will I ever satisfy a woman or will I be destined for destruction?

I am writing this in sadness.

I completed a streak of 4 days 10 hours. The longest in a long time.


Keep going, you will be free


Thanks. But I lost the streak just to be clear.

I am confused. I will be free from what?

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Don’t be sad, it’s effect due to control on masturbation.


Don’t be too sad and it’s not just in your view
PMO really causes Premature Ejaculation because i am one of the victims…it comes with training ourselves to ejaculate faster while we little as to not being caught by someone, with time our nervous system gets used to that…i found out that just by staying away from PMO or stimuli you regain a very slight control anyways it depends on how yours is severe…i am a chronic PE sufferer…the best you can do is just to avoid PMO all though so our brain can get healed from all neuro pathways created by that damages…the truth is our brain is damaged…our nervous system is damaged…the best we can do for now is to avoid all triggers…not just porn and masturbating, all triggers…i am not talking about sex …in my view having sex regularly is one of the cures for extreme PE sufferers because you’ll gradually be training your nervous system to last longer …
Also another cause if this is anxiety
Over excitement
Porn causes unusual flow of Excitement, stress and anxiety…
Just stayaway from Porn and Masturbating…i believe our dopamine levels will get back to normal…
Also while having sex, deep breathing, stop and start after like 30 seconds of thrusting…etc
For now the first and best start is just avoiding PMO. .



But I have yet to even find a woman in person.

Where I live 100 percent are in relationships

Bro there’s no excuse to go back to PMO…quit it now…i am currently on day 55 and i swear i won’t go back to PMO…build yourself…no lady wants a weak man, society doesn’t even have a place for them