Precum problem experts come help me!

UPDATE:Guys, since day 90(I’m on 123 now) I had erection and precummed too much. A lot of them was due to meeting a girl(had a conversation, kissing, hugging) and I had too much precum, every day we talked I couldn’t walk… Today I woke up and I had urges and was trying to not indulge in sexual thoughts… Never actually had this much hard time doing nofap, my libido I believe Is 65% back… I only want to go forward and not backwards! Will too much precum hinder my reboot? The good thing is I’m healing, the bad thing is I’m thinking this will bring me down


Involve yourself in exercise and doing something really mind taxing.

It will help.


Do kegel exercise i was doing it since june and i can say it helps a lot in precum and nightfall cases


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I think you are not transmuting the energy enough bro. You obviously have a ton of sexual energy pent up because of your progress with abstinence. Seek out ways to utilise the energy for positive things and I’m sure you’ll be alright! :smile::smile:

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