Power over pornography

Days Completed : 400days

*Benefits seen :
-highly motivated
-more focus on work(top notch work)
-stable mind
-no more stress, anxiety,…
-healthy lifestyle
-balanced emotions…
-efficiency improved
-voice improvement.
-self confidence
-no more self doubt
-good metabolism

What can be improved:

  • I need to start all over again to beat this PMO addiction.

What lead to the relapse:

  • not having proper schedule…
  • not having proper vision/goal.
  • not practicing mindfulness…
  • not in the touch of community…
  • being overconfident…

I’m 24 yr old,… I’m addicted to PMO since last 11 yr. I’ve completed 400days without pmo with the help of POWER OVER PORNOGRAPHY BOOK.
But somehow again I slipped into this habit… Im starting again to beat that habit and live life lovingly…
Those who want help to beat this addiction massage me I’m willing to help you.


Thanks… For motivating me.
You too be strong.

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Thats very inspiring :fire::fire::fire:
Can you pls share the link of the book or the writers name. Thanks

“Power over pornography”
Brian Brandenberg

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