Post Your Urge's Mind Tricks Here

So kinda a confusing title, so let me clarify:

You know how when you’re getting urges, there’s those little thoughts in your head telling you all the reasons why you should relapse.

Well often they can be hard to catch and they can be hard to deter. But I’ve found that once you force yourself to write them down as they come, it’s a lot easier to identify them and notice the fallacy in their arguments, and therefore resist.

So I thought I’d make a thread for everyone to post those mind tricks that run through their head so that they can counter them and help others who may be hearing those exact same arguments but couldn’t put their finger on it.

Hope this helps! Let’s do this!


I’ll start out with one Ive been getting all day:

“You should go PMO because it is evolutionary built into you to have multiple mates and reproduce often. So you need that release”

Fallacy: Yeah it’s evolutionary built into me that I reproduce with actual mates. PMO isnt an actual mate and it’s evolutionary self destructive. It prevents me from getting mates. Plus I don’t need the release, history has proven that true. Those that are evolutionary successful wait for the best mates and therefore must wait (kind of a bad example, but you get the point)

PS I’m not trying to argue for polygamy or anything, it’s just something that I was learning in psych class and my brain has been trying to use to get me to relapse


Here’s one that I have been able to recognize in myself and conquer. The mind trick basically goes lime this:

“Unless I pursue the urge to look at or satisfy my curiosity about [something particular I encounter that is sexually charged], then:
(a) I will lose something (a particular portion/type of satisfaction) that I will never be able to realistically make up for through anything else ever in my life.
(b) It will disturb me too much for an indefinitely long about of time (forever!) and I’ll not be able to get any work done/engage with others/go about my life.”

I have called the bluff of (b) and found out that the forever-seeming disturbance goes away pretty quickly if I don’t give into the panic. Hence, it has been losing it’s power lately. (a) is an obvious lie too as I feel relieved afterwards that I didn’t waste my time on something empty or silly.


Lie: “You’re too far gone to get better now. Don’t even try.”

Truth: It’s never too late! You can always win if you get back up. A slip or two as you approach success is not failure, giving up is the only failure.


Ya I get that one a lot myself. Thanks for posting that!


“Don’t you want to see that new pic or video, (etc). It could be really good”

Fallacy: Get this one a lot. But it’s always the same crap. Porn is porn, it doesn’t ever change, it always includes the same elements and it’s always the same high. The high that’s never worth it.


@Special_Bird That’s the one that got me in the past. Missing out on something new and exciting which came out while I wasn’t PMOing. It’s completely a lie - every time I went back, it was never exciting or satisfying like I had built it up in my head. I always felt terrible afterwards. Remembering that it is a lie is helpful. Why should I search for new ways to destroy myself?

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This might be not something usual
The mind says ok so many days you waited let us check the organ does it have any thing good or bad…
Lets measure it then…
First flaccid then erect get a tape measure it
…come on man it is ok now have some strokes…
Ok look you are feeling better now continue
And then the relapse happens…
Now the mind gets away
Then you know you are cheated again.
So stay aware…
And be cautious at least for 90 days…
And then you can do it…If you feel it…
But strict no for 90 days is must.