Post your companion code!

Hey there!
I’m searching for the maximum amount of companions to give and to be given motivation (I always seem to relapse around 13-15 days) because I really want to be helped for the hardmode I began 2 days ago and against the urges (seeing many companions above me gives me motivation)

My companion code : ctzvqr

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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Add me in bro. And I challenge you for a battle in which we’ll see whether you or I will jack off first? Iam ready to choose death instead of going back to my old self who doesn’t do anything else than masturbate. Do you accept my challenge?
If you accept add me.
Sharing code - tn1ii4


Let’s do this then!
Let’s fight the addiction together!

I am in with you guys, let’s fight this together. Add me pl35yu

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Add me lets fight together
Code: rv3d97

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I have completed a week here , looking for good companions. Add me also 8j1q5r

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