Post erectile dysfunction

I m facing porn erectile dysfunction and early ejection can no fap solve this how many days it takes to solve this


For me … it took only 14 days… but i had streaks before that… streaks of 30, 22, and 15, 17 and many 10 days.

I had no partner before… when i got partner… i was on 14 days streak and i did sex for 4 hours continously without ejaculation. I did sex with her everyday for a week with an average sex time of one and a half hour and i didnt ejaculate that week. I was doing Tantra sex unknowingly.

So… i think you got an answer.

What does tantra sex even mean?? Does it involve a tarantula??

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Bro I went through 70 days continuous streak but was not able to recover but after I m fapping 5times/day n I am 29yrs can I recover

DAMN noooooooooooo :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Will recover n show you

Why the hell would you masturbate 5 times a day if you want to cure PE/ED that has been porn induced? Or do you want to communicate something else?
I don’t get it

Doing sex for long hours gives you a perfect picture of it. By knowing it futility by experience only … you can free yourself from it… Tantra is opposite of abstaining.

Either Abstain OR experience it fully.

The main purpose is to get your freedom back.

Did you had sex after that ?

4 hours is surely beyond extreme exaggeration (both physically and psychologically). Humans were never wired for such duration (as far as scientific literature points out)

No bro I didn’t had sex with anybody

So how do you know that you could not cure ED?
(if you did not have sex)

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You must be joking, then. WTF… You dont have any problem other than mental.
Yes, you have a mental phobia… quickly finish your Reboot… to get your life back… dont worry about days… Be prepared to do this as a Lifelong Lifestyle

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I remember my teacher words … Some people are so ignorent and proud in their knowledge that they cant believe anything which is beyond their thinking of Reasoning. They have a graduation certificate. They read every book. They think they knew all but they are in darkness… walking blind… Because of their Ego.

Some Things are beyond Science Books which only are experienced. I simply told my real experience.

On Monday Night … i am planning again for Tantra Sex. This time … it will be for 3 Hours without ejaculation. You might not find that in your Books but i am performing that in real life.

Hallucinogens or psycho active drugs I GUESS!!!
Anyways you are entitled to have your opinions/beliefs


You know … a Man can run more than 4 hours without a break… its called Marathon Race.
Tantra Sex is less taxing than Running because heart rate is kept normal in it. Its like a slow Marathon Race kind of a thing.

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You have great knowledge about this. Nice, you got to write book and create awareness about it.

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Maybe one day when i am old, still theres many battles left… i have just begun.