Positive thinking

I know, we all share our thoughts about pmo and fapping. How bad it is. How much we were attacked by the dragon. And how we have to keep fighting those bad urges. How we have to be strong, enduring the temptations in life. I agree. It’s hard and we have found the right way to change our lives.

But… I also want to be able to be positive about myself. I don’t want to hate myself for the past. I don’t want to beat myself up that i haven’t stopped to pmo years ago. I am 55 now. I wish i knew 25 years ago that pmo is a waste of time, waste of sexual energy, waste of looking for relief and comfort. I wasn’t aware of the way out. I didn’t feel free to talk about it. There were no smart phones at that time. No forum. It was the secrecy of every (?) man. I am lucky to find out now, that it’s possible to change my life.

I wish you all feel the positive effect of the choices you make by quitting pmo. Never give up remembering the compliments you receive. We deserve to be kind to ourselves. We need to believe in our good intentions. Don’t beat yourself up too much.


how long you were addicted

Over thirty years. Can’t remember exactly what frequency i used to have. First internet pmo was 20 years ago.

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Yes man, we need to stay positive in the face of this beast. Positivity and perseverance are essential for facing these relapses.

I love seeing those in your generation on here, it seems we don’t have enough of them, probably because your generation isn’t as familiar with technology and as you said, there is more secrecy and shame associated with it. But I am glad you found this place.

Stay strong :muscle:

You become what you think - Buddha

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I wish i could do better. Just relapsed this evening. Man, that feels awful, i have to reset my counter and go on from there.

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It’s ok man, you can get through this!

This journey is all about understanding ourselves and growing in those areas that need repair. Whenever I relapsed, I would always look at it as there was more for me to understand and learn about myself, something I wasn’t quite getting. Take this relapse as merely a step in your learning.

Reevaluate your strategies, pick out the bad and keep the good. Read around as much as you can, specifically the posts from those brothers who have escaped this addiction. Most everyone posts a 90 days clean post when they get there. Read those and take what you think will help. There are plenty of good books out there to guide you through this (i.e. Power Over Pornography, Your Brain on Porn, etc.). But the name of the game is to keep adapting and refining your strategies until you find the answer.

Get back up, I believe in you :pray:

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your experience is very valuable. thanks for sharing

Thats 30 yr. Old. You.

I am 27 yrs old.
I want to go back to when i was 14 yr. Old.

We have the same story & problem.

It doesnt matter now. We cant go back.
The best thing is that Its not that late, we are still alive

We can raise ourself … Today

I salute you… why ?
Because people dont do celibacy when they are young.
They say… its a thing to be done in old age.
When the become old… they say… now… whats the use of doing celibacy. We are just about to die. So they never start their journey.

A Hope for You :
Prime Minister of india … Narendra Modi is 70 yrs old.
So… You are 15 yrs younger to him. You can still enjoy a beautiful life for 20 more years.