Porns negative effects

Porn causes depression, loneliness, anxiety, lack of confidence, and makes you physically tired.

The problem is for me, I felt all these symptoms for years before I knew what porn was.

So if I escape this prison, these negative emotions will still remain regardless of porn.

My whole life, I know for certain that whatever works for most people doesn’t work for me.

So since the book Easy Peasy is a benefit for many, I found it useful for learning. But there are supposed to be instructions.

However, the instructions of say your done and rejoice, hasn’t worked for me. I have tried that in my journey and still remain trapped.

I’m done with this book.

I need a change in mindset but don’t know how to fix my negative mindset either.

If you have found the book helpful, that’s awesome. However, reading or re-reading certain sections won’t help me. What will help, is freedom from my life, freedom from my parents and I’m 31 almost 32.

But that freedom will never come. My mom was in the hospital today, and my Dad has been there for a week.

All I know is that I need a girlfriend to help me see things from a different perspective.


Start by removing these:

I call bull crap. A girlfriend I will admit is a good source for motivation. But if you can’t make it on your own without her, then you do not deserve her. I’m positive that you wouldn’t tell a girlfriend that you struggle with pornography which is ok until you pass the addiction. But even if you did tell her she’s just another accountability partner IF she sticks with you. Which you can do with any other person. A different perspective comes to you through experience. No matter what it is. And it’s your choice to decide if your life is crap or not. Don’t argue with me on that I know your situation, and I refuse to argue. You are stronger than you believe man!! I believe in you and I love you because you’re God’s child!! You can do this!! Open up to people!! The longer you keep this in the dark the harder it is to bring it into the light. Tell your parents. And if they treat you badly because of it then they don’t love you and you should leave. Get your own place to live. Don’t abandon them but don’t live with them. God bless you man!! I believe in you, remember that.


A woman is a bonus if she’s on board with your Journey brother. Working for me currently supporting my 3 year end goal. Irony that’ll be the day after Valentine’s day. But I dropped from Hard mode to casual so we have wiggle room. She knows why I started this so we are good.

I love you brother but I can’t learn it for you

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You’re not wrong but I was just trying to state that she’s not always going to be there to help. I still don’t think it’s best for my situation to tell my girlfriend yet. I still have tons of accountability partners and she won’t change much.

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