Poll for everyone, what hurts?

By request I am making another poll. The first one was about things to do that help get away from addiction. This one is the opposite, what should you avoid?
Please vote for the things that you have noticed have the most tendency to lead you to relapse.

  • Sleeping in
  • Not enough sleep
  • Being frustrated
  • Being bored
  • Video games
  • Feeling lonely
  • Social media
  • Browsing internet
  • Staying up late
  • YouTube
  • Magazines
  • TV/movies
  • Games on phone
  • Music

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Music: if they’re that kind of songs. I try to avoid them as much as possible.


Some music videos have that type of content which can lead to arousal and relapse( so it comes under youtube)…

Many people voted for BEING BORED…
I want to share my experience… it may help
In intial days I also relapse due to this BEING BORED category but after doing analysis(pen and paper)… I found some other reason of relapse behind this boredom.

  • First thing is… when I feel bored then I did not feel to relapse( as I feel nothing in boredom…Nothing means NOTHING… zero libido) but yes if in that boredom if I start youtube then in youtube…my brain takes me to that type of content slowly which results in relapse.

  • so to confirm this I decided to not open youtube at any cost and recently when I felt bored( on the day of highest streak)… i did everything but I did not use youtube(only watch 2 motivational videos there) but of course I did not enjoy anything. But time passed and as a result I did not end up in relapse ( so i call this Boredom an indirect urge)

  • I have experienced… mostly I get bored in afternoom after lunch( I don’t know about others timing… try t figure out your pattern)… AND I FIGURED OUT THAT DUE TO LESS INTAKE OF WATER… THIS BOREDOM OCCUR.

So I have changed my method to drink water after lunch and I am feeling better results:
try to not drink water at a time, for example if you drink 2 glass of water after lunch then try to carry 1 litre water bottle with you and drink water from it slowly/sip by sip( i am not saying like tea) you can understand what i want to say… so finish that 1 litre of water in 1 hour or 30 minutes etc. ( also i have a habit of not drinking water after lunch for atleast 30 minutes)

This method also have some explanation from ayurvedha but I don’t have proof of this right now.

Try this…may be this will help you.


According to Ayurveda, drinking water increases your digestive fire, which helps in proper digestion of food.

Now if food is not digested, it stays in the stomach, the undigested food sits in the stomach, not going up, not going down.

The symptom related to the above topic by @neo_150 is Bordem, all the will to work is lost because of that. We dont feel like doing anything.
And there are many more symptoms(but not related to this topic. So not discussing them)

Thats why Drinking water is Important before and after meals.

~ strongwillpower (Ayurveda Degree Student)


Yeah, I was referring to songs with suggestive lyrics/themes.

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Thank you for your input! I hadn’t thought about that. I tried changing the poll to include a “hungry/thirsty” option but a poll can only be changed in the first five minutes.
Great advice, though!


I think when you just feel not enough confident or you lose in something that time the mood changes and urges become strong the feeling of relaxation you find is always in tapping but after that the feeling changes to regret.