Poll for everyone, what helps?

Vote for what you REGULARLY DO that is helping you quit PMO,
and reply with any other comments you have or suggestions for an improved lifestyle. I will update the vote options based on any suggestions.

  • Exercise
  • Healthy Eating
  • Prayer/God
  • Video games
  • Reading
  • Social interaction
  • TV or movies
  • Sleeping in
  • Waking up early
  • Cold showers
  • Being in nature
  • Meditation
  • Social media

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This is really great poll which helps/guides beginner like me about habit we should do everyday .
Thanks for this Poll fella @keepFighting


Thanks man, that’s exactly what I was hoping it would accomplish!


Meditation can be bad for some people because ur Thinking into ur thoughts and can make you feeling horny because it’s hard to ignore the evil thoughts. My advice is to get out of ur room.


also make a poll on how you relapse
it ll help members to avoid such things


Thanks, @CJ_baker. I see how that can be bad. For me, meditation is about clearing the mind, and getting rid of those thoughts, which of course takes practice.
But, we are all different, so it will work better for some than others. Thanks for your input!

I just finished it. It’s called “Poll for everyone, what hurts?”
Thanks for the suggestion!


I was planning to today. I spent last week camping, no cell service, and I wanted to see the results when I got back and the write my final thoughts. I’ll get that done later today :+1:

This is a war for self-control. Rest is required to keep fighting. Being just passed Day 4, I’m pushing night and day. Men, for when the temptation tries me:

  1. I stop what I’m doing, and focus on something peaceful. I breathe. I breathe. I beathe again deeply, and calmly.

  2. I kneel and pray, "Jesus, thankyou for loving me and forgiving me. My last mess-up was my LAST mess-up. I need your power and strength to walk the narrow and difficult path. Thankyou for your goodness.

  3. I focus on the good things in my life. Everything I can be thankful for. I don’t get off my knees until my mind is at peace, and my body is under control.

-Spend time with good friends. People who support you and want the best for you, and also confront you if they know crap is in your life.
-Avoid sexual media.
-Work hard and exercise throughtout the day so that your body can’t fight against your Mind and Soul.

Victory is here boys…



Sorry, it took me longer than I said it would, but I just finished. It’s titled “poll for everyone, final thoughts”.

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if by “social media” you mean this app…yeah that really helps. but if you’re just gonna look at butts and weiners on Instagram that’s a terrible idea.


I should have specified, I didn’t have this app in mind. I meant social media in general, not necessarily searching for any good/bad media.

@keepFighting you forgot to add online/offline accountability forums. It gives great results. :smile:

That’s a great point. Unfortunately, I can’t edit the poll, but that definitely does help.

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I like this poll, but also what hurts is a good way to find practical counter actions.

Overthinking vs faith in action. (living, being present, being around people)

Overthinking (social media, instant msging, typing, thinking, questioning)
It’s counter… A phone call :joy::pray::grin:
Conversation, people :pray:

@Danielito hilarious :joy::grin::+1:
Laughter is a good remedy also