Poll for everyone, final thoughts

I made two polls, called
“Poll for everyone, what helps?” and
“Poll for everyone, what hurts?”

I had a few goals with these. The first, to be honest, is because I was curious what the results would be.
Obviously, some tactics are better than others. Everything I put as an option on the polls were things I have heard are good/bad. I wanted to get feedback on what actually helps. But, at the same time, I want to remind everybody that we are all different, and we each have our own journey. I wanted the poll to help people think “what ACTUALLY DOES help ME?”
And for the next poll, “what things do I need to stay away from?”

The statistics and journal parts of this app really helped me identify patterns in my behavior. That helped me personalize the ideas I got from the polls.

What I learned from the polls:
Not everything is in our control. Triggering material is all over and sometimes we will need to fight back. But, these are the most helpful things THAT WE HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER that we can do EVERY DAY to be stronger!

Wake up early.
Make a plan for the day so that you do not get bored or have lots of down time. Stay away from electronics for leisure, read a book instead.
Eat healthy.
Exercise (possibly in nature)
Pray/meditate (possibly in nature)

We do not have complete control over the access to quality social interaction, but if at all possible, that helps significantly.

If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Thank you all for your feedback and help with these posts! God be with us on our journeys.