Podcast+Video recommendations

Hello everyone!
I want to reduce the time I spend watching videos and increase the quality of what I spend my time on.
If you could recommend one podcast episode or video which would it be?
Preferably but not necessarily nofap related.
I’ll start by saying that Gary Wilson’s TED talk got me started here and if you haven’t seen it, it is worth the time. A great presentation.
What has made you see the world differently or deal with addiction better?

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Hey man, Gary Wilson sounds great! I can recommend the ‘porn reboot’ Youtube channel with J.K. Emezi. He has a bunch of good videos, a spotify podcast and other stuff. It’s a really helpful and practical!



@HeracliusD, thank you for posting this question. I was wanting to post about stuff I’ve found that’s been helpful in relation to nofap but also behavior modification in general. I’ve found Improvement Pill on youtube and BJ Fogg helpful. Here are some links:

Enjoy and I’m excited to see what else people post!



gabe dawg on youtube is great i only listen to him, he is great guy

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