Po*n A Big Lie............,,,,,

As A Man. I Would Say it is Bad in every meaning of that word. Por* is not made for winners. There is a lot of reasons why porn is bad i can say about it. Let’s start with the first.

1- Por* lowers your Self-respect: Por* is against self-respect by it’s very basic nature. When you watch porn. the people who are doing it and those who are watching lack self-respect. For ex: how about i bang a chick. and have you to jerk off for what’s leftover? Would you do it? Ask your self what is sexy about watching some gross dude having sex? Don’t pretend that it was you “having sx”. If you want to have sx go out and have sex yourself. not to Jerk-off watching other dudes having fun. My Point is: You’re Giving yourself a real evidence that you’re a loser. who can’t have sx. therefore resort to por. Users of por* have a low self-respect. it’s up to you.

2-Objectification of women. this industry treats women as piece of meat. as if their entire value traded for a paycheck. Majority of porn sites. Include pathetic Sub-human advertising. pathetic activities. unhealthy fetishes. etc. For example what kind of a loser who would cum on a girl’s face on camera? A disgusting loser that doesn’t respect women or himself. The reality is that these girls you watch on porn are broken girls from broken homes. and these kind of girls that Por* industry exploits. You need to realize the people who make money off such girls are Lowlifes Aka The bottom of Social Pyramid.

3- Porn Changes your brain chemistry Por* floods the brain with chemicals, like dopamine. Over time, the brain gets overwhelmed by the constant overload of chemicals and starts to build up a dependency to pornography. As a result, the porn they were looking at in the beginning doesn’t seem as exciting, and many porn users go hunting for more por* or more hardcore por* to get the same rush. Eventually, the chemical release from regular healthy activities aren’t strong enough to register. This leaves the user feeling down or uneasy whenever they go for a while without watching porn.

4- Por* Creates Addictions; Inside the human brain, there’s something called the “reward pathway.” Its job is to reward you when you do something that feels good by releasing pleasure chemicals. The problem is, the reward pathway can be hijacked. The way that substances like cocaine and meth make users feel high is by forcing the reward pathway to release high levels of chemicals, por* does the exact same thing. The surge of chemicals pulsing through the brain creates new brain pathways that will lead the porn user back to the behavior that triggers the chemical release. The more the user watches porn, the deeper those pathways are wired into the brain

5-Por* Kills Your Ethics or Principles/ Standards: When you engage in these activities mentioned above you become a lowlife individual yourself.

6- Por* Lowers your Productivity: Most porn users don’t lead productive lives. all their energies and time is wasted onto this garbage. No surprise there.

7- Por* Ruins your intimate Relationships: Intimate relationships demand an investment of time and energy. It involves sacrifice. Porn is a cheap and quick way to avoid all of that. The sexual relationship gets cheapened when connection ceases to be the goal.

8- When you watch Por*. You are destined for Mediocrity. Por* lowers your Ambition. Lowers your Motivation. You don’t set Aspiring Goals. Since you don’t value Excellence.

9- Por* is a BIG Lie. In porn, everything is fake. A typical 45-minute porn video takes three days of filming to produce, but leaves the viewer thinking that it all happened without a break. Por* also makes it look like no matter what a man does, the woman likes it even though the majority of sex acts are degrading or violent.

10- Porn Massively Linked To Prostitution and Sex-trafficking Porn is also linked to the global issue of sex trafficking. Porn is commonly made of victims of sex trafficking and put online or sold to distributors. These sex prostitutes are drugged, beaten, and forced into doing porn. For porn users at home, there is no way to know the dark origins of the porn they’re watching. Clicking porn is directly supporting the demand for sex trafficking. Stop Supporting This Garbage.

I Could go on and on as to why porn is bad for you. Ask yourself whether you want your life to take upward trajectory or downward one? Porn is downward.

Benefits of Not Watching Porn include;

1- Increase in self-respect

2- Self Control

3- increase in Energy.

4- increase in Self-confidence

5- Sexual Desire with real women.

6- Good memory.

7- Being Focused

8- Increased testosterone levels.

9-No more premature ejaculation.

10- People will respect you more.

11- Increase in Self-Motivation

12- You Will Value Your Time More. Instead of spending it Meaninglessly,

13- increase in social skills

14- Overcoming procrastination.

I Personally Salute the Nofap Movement. It’s no wonder the people of This Movement become successful.

We are here in this world to better Ourselves. To Be Successful. To Be Creators. To Advance the evolution of Mankind in someway. To Live Our Truest Self. And Full Potential. Watching por* will not help you achieve These Great goals. realize time wasting garbage for losers. Those who succeeded in life don’t waste their time on porn

Do yourself a favor. and never partake in the garbage that porn is.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Edit: For those who don’t like the truth about pornography. The truth will remain the truth. and it ain’t changing.

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