PMO is an big issue as a drug

On the very start I tried to figure out whats so wrong. I didn’t know NoFap, PMO etc. So I began to find out what th issue is. I isolated every aspect of bad habit of my daily routine.

  • instead eating fastfood, sugar I ate healthly
  • instead lacking sleep I tried to have 8 hrs sleep
  • instead wasting my times I tried to be more productive and organized
  • instead sitting behind TV all time long I tried to be more active

And I felt I got rid of other bad habits except PMO. I kept being groggy, demotivated, “why you are so sleepy?” and didn’t know whats going on, because on the end I did my best to improve quality.

This is when I found out on “what else am I doing wrong?” after limiting daily activities, isolating them and checking them one by one.

PMO is an big issue here, because without getting rid of it, your performance is less satisfying in life than it could be.