PMO Free Companion Challenge - Entries Closed

Hi lets battle 5539d5

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Lets see who is better


Challenge Companions to DM:

@Agent897 VS @Mitchy

@Ruffy VS @ELI05

@Alpaco VS @Mehedi934

@Light2021 VS @Adioz_aka_Adidas

@Hopesstillalive VS @anon41607238

gabrielski221 vs a7med1232021

Keeping score
Once a day you keep score in your companions dms

Add +1 if you haven’t relapsed one entire day

Remove -1 for the person that relapsed and remove -2 for your companion. Yes your companion loses more designed to make you feel bad.

Note: Once you relapsed and remove points that’s it for that day as you don’t keep removing points each time you relapsed on that day.
One relapse per person that affects the score per day

Treat System
I came up with this idea in the where you teach a dog new tricks. See you don’t give treats to bad behavior but instead good ones. Your not dogs but the same thing applies which when done right makes us feel good when we get the treat.

If you and your companion haven’t relapsed you reward yourself with a treat saying l have conquered today
However if one of you relapses you both don’t get the reward

TO BE EFFECTIVE make sure whatever you use as a treat is only consumed (or used doesn’t need to be food) for this challenge eg: that type of potato chips let’s say salt and vinegar l can never eat again in any way unless l do well for this challenge.

This is because your want the treat to be special and if it ain’t special it ain’t a reward so only eat it when you haven’t relapsed and not as just a snack.

NOTE: Timezones are a pain and so what if your companion hasn’t relapsed for that day and had the reward but then later on you relapsed on that day.

As rules go the person that had the treat as the reward can’t have one next day cos of the timezones difference in the other person relapsing if that makes sense.

What counts as a RELAPSED

If you still confused you can still ask questions but anyways


Forgot to mention that ever 5 days you can put your score on this forum


add me my friend
my code g3f45d

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Sorry but challenge is closed @a7med1232021

Sorry, what means “dm” and “dms”?

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Direct messages as in just you and your companion chat alone

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add me :grin:
my code 1r76zj

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@gabrielski221 vs @a7med1232021 are in the challenge but for REAL


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Day 5 - everyone put your score on this forum as an update.
Mitchy = 0 @Agent897 = 1

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Crazy that it’s already day 5!
ELI05 - 2

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When will the challenge reopen?

I also want to join pls
My code - q5hkhn

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Probably make another one in May

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Day 5, had 1 relapse, but hey… 3 points :call_me_hand:

Hey @Light2021
Currently my mobile is corrupted somehow…
It’s going on crashing down.
So unable to use forum in app and reset my streak
After Day 4 @Adidas2201 =1 relapse = -1 point

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